Lebanon fails for 7th time to elect new president amid political deadlock

Deputies attend the session in the parliament as the assembly recommend Mikati's government to stay on the post in Bierut, Lebanon on November 03, 2022. [Houssam Shbaro - Anadolu Agency]

Lebanese lawmakers, on Thursday, failed for a seventh time to elect a new president as the country grapples with a deepening political and economic crisis, Anadolu News Agency reports. The voting session was attended by 110 lawmakers of the 128-member Parliament. Michel Moawad, a candidate backed by the Lebanese Forces party, got 42 votes, well short of the figure needed to win the first round, while 50 lawmakers cast blank ballots. READ:  What happens now that Lebanon is without a president?  Speaker, Nabih Berri, set the next voting session for a week from now, on 1 December. A candidate needs two-thirds of the vote (86 lawmakers) in the 128-member Parliament to get through the first stage, while an absolute majority […]