Naila Art Gallery’s ‘Saudi Crafts’ exhibition reflects a changing nation

Fri, 2022-09-23 21:28

RIYADH: In honor of the 92nd Saudi National Day, Naila Art Gallery has put together the exhibition “Saudi Crafts,” bringing 30 studios, artists and artisanal brands to showcase their creative ventures from Sept. 20-30.

Among prominent names in the Saudi art scene, such as Abdullah Hammas and Najla Al-Saleem, is May Hamdan, whose artworks merge traditional aspects and techniques with contemporary ones in her first exhibition. She has titled her work “Mader,” which is a combination of the two Arabic words for “past” and “present.”

‘Saudi Crafts’ also brought together a number of local collective craft studios and designers, such as Desert Designs, Herfa Association, Sadu Tarha, Wuhah Studio and others. (Supplied)
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