Ghannouchi’s advisor: Saied’s coup was born dead and Tunisia is on the brink of a social explosion

Riadh Chaibi, chairman of the Organising Committee of the 9th Congress of the Islamist party Ennahda, speaks during a press confernce in Tunis on July 9, 2012 [FETHI BELAID/AFP/GettyImages]

Riadh Chaibi, the adviser to the president of Ennahda Movement and a leader in the opposition National Salvation Front said that the movement is innocent of the "dispatch" case, noting that the purpose of raising this case is an attempt to defame the movement. He also confirmed that Tunisia is on the brink of a "social explosion" that could topple the existing authority and cause widespread turmoil in the country. "The dispatch case is political, not a criminal one, because it is a figment of the imagination of its owners, and there are no facts that confirm their claim. All the investigations that they conducted so far did not contain any direct charge against Ennahda Movement nor against any of […]