Burkina Faso coup leader defends his military takeover

Sat, 2022-09-24 01:05

NEW YORK: Burkina Faso’s coup leader-turned-president defended his military takeover on Friday, though he acknowledged it was “perhaps reprehensible” and inconsistent with the UN’s values.
Lt. Col. Paul Henri Sandaogo Damiba said the overthrow of the democratically elected president in January was “necessary and indispensable.”
“It was, above all, an issue of survival for our nation,” he said. That’s even if it was “perhaps reprehensible in terms of the principles held dear by the United Nations and the international community as a whole.”

Burkina Faso's President Paul Henri Sandaogo Damiba attends the 77th United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters in New York City, New York, US, September 23, 2022. (REUTERS)
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