PulseDoge Trajectory?

PulseDoge Trajectory?

PulseDoge Trajectory?

Okay, so here’s the HEART of the PITCH…
There will only ever be a MAX supply of 6,094,659 PLSD
Like so many other meme coins, Hundreds of Billions, Trillions, or even Quadrillions of coins are minted continuously into circulation!

For example; Dogecoin literally mints 10,000 per minute indefinitely. Dogecoin holders should be outraged by this because it requires an enormous amount of buy pressure to come in just to maintain miner sell pressure.

Minting so many worthless coins is a Tactic used to Mislead people who Cannot Afford very much into thinking they are going to get Rich because they buy and hold Millions and Millions of coins.

Go ahead and try this with PulseDogecoin!

PulseDogecoin aims to Redefine the Value and Scarcity of Meme Coins Entirely. This is achieved by Airdropping the entire supply of PLSD coins to the Strongest crypto Holders in the World, HEX.COM Stakers!

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