BTC could have a small pullback – Cryptoz18

BTC could have a small pullback – Cryptoz18


❶ Warning

Operations in the Blockchain or FX market represent a high risk. Cryptoz18 is a content creator who posts his ideas for viewers however he never provides an investment recommendation. I recommend to the reader a good risk management and knowledge regarding the environment. Thank you very much.

❷ Tutorials

➤ Here you can find a brief explanation of how the operations work in case you are interested in following them.

➤ Here you can find an explanation of how to track our ideas:

✔️ Our operations are taken with StopLoss and Take Profit of 15 minutes. However, we are looking to try and catch a 4H trend. So, once we touch the TPM according to your own analysis you should consider whether to close the trade or move StopLoss to entry.

❸ Summary

First I have to open my trades on Binance, if not then I don’t have time. Sadly it took me a long time and a lot of the movement just happened, if it doesn’t go back to that entry consider changing the setup settings.

❹ Operational Information

• Entry price: 23229.90
• StopLoss: 23472.86 (Loss 1.13%)
• TakeProfit Minimum: 22974.90 (Win 2.97%)
• Recommended margin: 5% of the Futures account
• Recommended leverage: 1x.
• Temporality: 15Min – 4H

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