Police Detect Workshop Hallmarking Gold Items with Fake Karats

Security agencies have detected a workshop producing gold items with less hallmark karats.
Investigations revealed that a goldsmith, who had records with police, exploited his workshop at Gamalyiah District in Cairo, to forge tools to hallmark gold and silver with fake karats.
Police detective found that the suspect goldsmith hallmarked gold and silver items with higher karat signs, such an item of 9 karat with the sign of 21 karat then traded the fake-hallmarked items in the local markets and marketed those items on pages of selling used gold items on pages of social media platforms.
Detectives found groups of fake chisels used in faking hallmark signs along with quantities of faked gold and silver items, and logos of gold international companies to engrave them in forged items.
The detectives also found sums of local and foreign currencies, a piece of hashish for personal usage.
Legal procedures were taken against the suspect goldsmith.
Translated by Ahmed Moamar