Kabeel Financial Group Partners with Selema Gold to launch the ‘Sabayik Misr’ product suite  

Kabeel World (EFG), a Financial Group based in Egypt, announced that the company has partnered with Selema Gold, a gold supplier firm, to launch the Sabayik Misr product suite.

Also in this regard, both companies are planning to facilitate gold dealers, the clients of this precious metal, and potential customers from the middle segment through the ‘Sabayik Misr’ smart application and the official website of the firm.
Recently, EFG has participated in an official signing ceremony in Fairmont Hotel to mark the commencement of the new firm.
“Compared to other precious metals used for investment, gold has been the most effective safe haven in Egypt for a long time and one of our traditional trade”, according to the Kabeel group.

According to the official announcement, ‘Sabayik Misr’ enables different clients from every provenance of the country to choose between several gold products and Jewels and fully customizable services.

Further, EFG and Selema Gold have formed a partnership to give gold dealers and their stakeholders early access to online gold trading mechanisms.

Notably, the firm will deliver a consignment of gold in accordance with the principle of “gold for gold”.

It’s worth mentioning that the ceremony was attended by a large number of celebrities, and renowned public figures including representatives of the gold division OF the Cairo Chamber of Commerce.

Contributed by Ahmed Emam