Bitcoin | Multiple Timeframes (1H, 4H, Daily & Weekly)

Bitcoin | Multiple Timeframes (1H, 4H, Daily & Weekly)

Bitcoin / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

We’ve been waiting for Bitcoin to move up since we saw Ethereum going ahead… We feel confident that it will follow and also hit a new All-Time High.
The chart is once more starting to look good.

We will focus on the signals…

Bitcoin Daily (D) Timeframe ( BTCUSD )

We start with the daily timeframe , here is the chart:

First, we can notice prices moving above EMA10, EMA21, and EMA50.

EMA50 is a strong one now sitting at $54915+.
Bitcoin trading above this level is strongly bullish .
Below signals bearish .

Daily candle closure above this level is needed for confirmation.

The RSI is strong above 50 and we have a bullish cross on the MACD .

All the classic signals in place but some still developing.

We also have a falling wedge and an inverse Head & Shoulders pattern, all these points higher.

Bitcoin 4H Timeframe

On this timeframe, 4 hours per candle, we can see BTCUSD moving above all of the EMAs. MA200 is the black line. We are strongly bullish above this level.

This also happened after a higher low with bullish indicators, the signals are telling us that we should see GREEN.

Bitcoin 1H Timeframe

Finally, the 1H timeframe, here we can see the pattern that is pointing to straight up.

Bitcoin Weekly (W) Timeframe
We can see BTCUSD moving back above EMA10.
The weekly timeframe closes in just 2 days.
Closing bullish would mean that we had very little to no retrace.

Now, when prices start moving higher…
What’s your target?
I am now aiming at $80,000 followed by $100,00K

What Do You See For Bitcoin’s Future?

We see bullish Bitcoin in 2021 and beyond.
We are seeing bullish long-term longer than most people expect.
Things will not be what they feel like.
Things will look and feel bad in some ways but turning good in the core.
The good will bloom and shine.

Cryptocurrency will help us level out the upcoming financial disaster that the conventional markets will be facing.

Leave us a comment with your views, thoughts, and opinions on this.

I love you now, forever & always.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.

This is Alan Masters.


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