Iran rejects US proposal to lift some sanctions in return for halting enriching uranium

Iran has rejected an American offer to lift some sanctions in return for halting enriching uranium and freezing work on advanced centrifuges, Press TV reported.

"A senior Iranian official tells Press TV that Tehran will stop its 20 percent uranium enrichment only if the US lifts ALL its sanctions on Iran first," the station reported.

This came following a report issued by Politico yesterday stating that the Biden administration is planning to propose lifting some sanctions on Iran if it stops working on advanced centrifuges and enriching uranium to 20 per cent.

According to Politico, the report about the proposal would be put forward this week. The publication reported a source familiar with the proposal saying that it was "more than anything, about trying to get the conversation started."

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The official also said: "We have also been open that we are talking with our [international] partners… about the best way to achieve this, including through a series of initial, mutual steps."

He added: "We have been looking at options for doing so, including with indirect conversations through our European partners."

Earlier this year, Iran rejected an offer to stop enriching uranium to 20 per cent in return for releasing a small amount of frozen Iranian assets. Iran replied to that offer saying it would only do so for a month if the US ended all sanctions on Tehran.