Spanish football fans have a ball in Jeddah

Sat, 2020-01-11 02:46

JEDDAH: The number of Spanish football fans who traveled to Jeddah to support their teams during the Spanish Super Cup may be small, but those Spaniards who made it to Saudi Arabia are enjoying every minute of it.
First time visitors to the Kingdom Roy Seed and Max Hernando, from Madrid, are spending a week in Jeddah around the cup matches.
The pair were posing for selfies in front of King Abdullah football stadium on Wednesday night as their team Real Madrid was about to play Valencia.
“It’s just good to be here, the atmosphere is great,” said Seed. “We’ve come all the way from Madrid and have tickets for both semifinal and final matches. You couldn’t keep me away from this,” he said.
His friend Max shared his excitement about witnessing the cup in its new format in person in Jeddah instead of watching in his living room.
“I love the weather over here and we’re experiencing a new city in a new place, Saudi Arabia. Many people in Spain had second thoughts and did not come but we are glad we made it,” he said.
They were impressed with the fan fest areas with music and dance activities at the King Abdullah Sports Complex.
While standing in front of Al-Ittihad Club where Barcelona’s first training session took place, Alex Costa, Mary Condaras, Philip Ogata, Pam Hederson, Adrian Contis said they came to watch Barcelona but attracted locals and took selfies with them.
“Everybody’s really friendly,” said Adrian.
Adrian also remarked that all negative stereotypes often attached to Saudi Arabia were shattered as the locals have actually been incredibly welcoming.
“Supporting my favorite team at the Spanish Super Cup here in Jeddah is fun but I also was eager to see the country. We have been around the city, especially the seaside, and we have enjoyed it so much, including the variety of food,” said Alex.
Jordi Sunyer, who works for TV 3, the public television of Catalonia, arrived here with about 100 journalists representing various media houses from Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.
She said the media delegation have received wonderful attention and described it as a great experience.
“Believe me, there has been great attention by all Saudi officials we have met and they made us welcome. We were told: ‘You are our guests and want you to be comfortable during your stay’.”

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