Arab League calls for agenda to meet media objectives

Thu, 2018-11-01 02:04

JEDDAH: Media experts from Arab states met this week to set an agenda to achieve the objectives of the Arab media strategy, which includes combating terrorism and extremism.

The agenda was approved by the Council of Arab Information Ministers. Abdullah Al-Azzam, director of studies and programs at the Information Ministry, represented the Kingdom in the meeting.

The Arab League’s assistant secretary-general for social affairs, Ambassador Badr El Din Alali, said that the media strategy has five main objectives.

The first is to stress the Palestinian cause as a central concern for the Arab nation, while the second focuses on promoting a positive image of Arab and Islamic peoples.

The third objective is to deploy media technology to combat extremism and terrorism.

The fourth is to adopt the implications of the Arab media map for sustainable development.

The fifth is to motivate Arab media institutions to further invest in modern development and innovations. AN Jeddah

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