Don’t Show The ‘Hard-Working’ Italians This Chart!!

Rumor has it that Germans are the most disciplined workers in the world.

The statistics, however, as Statista’s Patrick Wagner points out, give that accolade to the Indians – especially those living in Mumbai – who are apparently working much more than their German counterparts.

To be exact almost double the time of a Frankfurtian as a study by UBS found.

And even though people in Mumbai are working like machines, they only have an average of 10.4 days of paid vacation to enjoy.

Infographic: Who Works the Hardest? | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

Well, at least one cliché seems to be true: Romans rather enjoy life than work extensive amounts of time over the year.

Of course, the Italians, we suspect, will suggest they “work smart” but as a reminder, other than wartime, the last few years in Italy have been the worst for growth since Italian unification in 1861.

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