Saudi trial of two Arabs accused of spying for Mossad begins

Tue, 2018-05-01 01:32

JEDDAH: A Special Criminal Court in Riyadh began the trial of two Palestinians accused of spying for Israel.

The prosecutor demanded their conviction and condemnation with discretionary penalties to dissuade others from cooperating with Israel and Mossad, its intelligence service. 

The prosecutor also demanded the confiscation of their mobile phones and their deportation from the Kingdom at the end of the trial.

The two men have been accused of cooperating with Mossad, entering the Kingdom to gather information at the behest of Mossad, declaring their sympathies for Daesh and supporting the terrorist organization. They have also been accused of planning terrorist activities during the upcoming Hajj. One of them has also been accused of claiming to be Al-Mahdi.

The Mahdi claimant has also been accused of using illegal drugs, violating the Kingdom’s law by overstaying after Hajj and giving false information about himself.  

The two suspects have been given the right to appoint lawyers. In case they cannot afford the lawyers, the Ministry of Justice will appoint a lawyer at its own expense.

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