Man sentenced to death for his role in terror plots

Mohammed Al-Sulami
Mon, 2016-12-26
JEDDAH: The Special Criminal Court in Riyadh sentenced a Saudi to death after finding him guilty of participating in an Al-Qaeda terrorist plot in the Kingdom to kill an individual.
The defendant received a computer card that had that person’s name, access to his car and personal information. He was found being aware of that person’s killing and didn’t report it.
The court also proved the defendant’s guilt of being involved in an April 2004 plan to bomb the Interior Ministry and emergency forces’ building.
He did some monitoring for the group and drew a sketch for them, prepared the information on two computer cards and handed them over to a group member who took part in the bombing. He also handed him computerized information on forgery and bomb making.
The man was found guilty in the explosion at the Baqiq refinery in 2006 by collecting information, taking pictures of the refinery, and using his car in scanning the road for the participants in the refinery explosion.
He had proposed that the participants wear similar clothing to the refinery workers to ensure the success of their operation.
He was also convicted of setting up a plan for the withdrawal from the targeted areas; having prior knowledge of the operation’s implementation date; and accompanying the group that carried out the terrorist attack. He came back before the explosion and never reported any information on the group to the authorities as per the group’s request.
He also supported the group with weapons after he bought three Kalashnikovs and pistols, and handed them over to one of the group members who was killed in the attack. Upon his arrest, he was found in possession of 14 pistols.
He also provided the group with media support by collecting combat videos that had been published by the terrorist cell and contacted some of the group’s fugitives, and supported assassinations.
The defendant has 30 days to appeal the sentence.
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