Pipeline politics-again

Opposition grows to the pipeline designed to carry oil away from Alberta. No, not THAT pipeline. It’s Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion project that faces new trouble.

Differences worth splitting

Splitting differences provides a remorselessly unscientific perspective on a question important to oil and gas producers and comes with a possibly instructive or at least amusing analog in downstream-business history.

Study correlates links between Oklahoma quakes, wastewater disposal

Seismic activity grew in central Oklahoma in the 18 months leading up
to Dec. 31, 2015, but declined markedly during the following year as
the state began to regulate oil and gas wastewater disposal more
aggressively, the US Department of Energy’s Fossil Energy Office (FEO) reported. Decreased oil and gas production in response to falling prices also played a part, it added.

Watching Government: When a minor move matters

The US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement extended the deadline for offshore oil and gas operators to coordinate their operations and retain their federal leases from 180 days a full year. The June 9 final rule extends the time allowed betw…