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الين الياباني يشهد ارتفاع مع تزايد الطلب على الملاذ الآمن

شهد الين الياباني ارتفاع خلال تداولات اليوم الثلاثاء لليوم الثاني على التوالي وذلك في ظل تزايد الطلب على الملاذ الآمن في الأسواق المالية وسط عمليات التصحيح على الأسهم العالمية بالإضافة إلى التراجع في مستويات الدولار الأمريكي مقابل العملات الرئيسية. يتداول زوج الدولار مقابل الين الياباني حالياً عند المستوى 115.55 وذلك بعد ان افتتح جلسة اليوم […]

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Australia Consumer Confidence Sharply Rises, Suggests Upbeat Start for Households in 2017

Australia consumer confidence in the week ending 8 January jumped a sharp 5.9 percent, hitting the highest level in 15 weeks. The details were broadly upbeat, with views on economic conditions over the next 12 months and ‘now is a good time to buy a household item’ leading the gains.

Households’ views of economic conditions over the next 12 months bounced a solid 11.2 percent, almost entirely reversing last month’s decline. Household views of the economic outlook in the next five years rose 2.2 percent, reported ANZ in its daily report.

Households’ views towards their finances compared to a year ago rose 3.0 percent and now sits at the highest level since the end of September 2016, when the index reached a post-GFC high. Households’ views towards their future finances also improved, up 3.5 percent last week, and are in a strong upward trend, they added.

Meanwhile, the benchmark Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 index traded 0.56 percent lower at 5,720 by 05:00 GMT, while at 5:00GMT, the FxWirePro’s Hourly AUD Strength Index remained neutral at 56.94 (a reading above +75 indicates a bullish trend, while that below -75 a bearish trend). For more details, visit

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The Assassination of the engineer Mohammad Al-Zuwari

The late martyr Mohammad Al-Zawari was one of the greatest Arab innovators. He also decided to use his skills for innovation in the Arab resistance against Zionism. In Tunisia, Zuwari quickly emerged as an excellent student. He studied in Sfax and he moved around from one Arab country to another. He was particularly gifted in the domain of electronics. He lead his students towards the direction of building auto-piloted airplanes. According to media sources, Al-Zawari tried piloting during his university days. His department switched him over to land operations as part of the Arab resistance in Gaza. Al-Zawari travelled through the underground tunnels to join the ranks of Hamas in Gaza. He worked on developing his weapons so that they […]

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Citing Russian defence ministry, Israeli website says Egypt to send troops to Syria next week

The Russian defence ministry has reportedly announced that Egypt would send troops to Syria to observe the implementation of the truce reached between the Syrian regime’s forces and the armed opposition, according to the Israeli website Rotter. The news website added that the Egyptian troops will arrive in Syria early next week, noting that a number of Egyptian officers had been already in Syria to pave the way for the troops’ arrival. At the same time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called on Egypt as a partner to join his country along with Turkey and Iran in the talks on Syria’s future and the implementation of the truce, according to Rotter. Putin spoke with the Egyptian president yesterday and promised […]