America’s blatant pragmatism and Middle East policy

In their foreign policy dealings, successive US administrations have adopted pragmatic approaches based on “national interests”. Despite the debates about the differences between Obama and Trump, both are pragmatists in their own way with regards to their empirical, imperialist and human rights policies. However, pragmatism is ambiguous, not least in its justifications, the values of which depend on its ability to achieve its objectives. While Obama adopted pragmatism based on “creative ambiguity”, Trump prefers it to be based on “blatant clarity”. Donald Trump’s policy differs from his predecessor’s in terms of “the politics of truth”, given their differences in social, economic and educational backgrounds. While the current US president delivers clearly one-sided populist speeches, Obama’s were very ambiguous, pluralist and […]

Italy and Libyan tribes agree on deal to curb migrant flow

The Italian government has agreed to cooperate with dozens of rival tribes to improve the security situation in Libya and curb the flow of migrants attempting to reach Europe. According to Italy’s interior ministry, 60 tribal leaders, mostly from the Tuareg in the southwest of the country, the Toubou of the southeast, and the Arab tribe of Awlad Suleiman, have reached a 12-point agreement following 72 hours of private talks in Rome. Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti told Italy’s La Stampa newspaper of the meeting: A Libyan border patrol unit will become operational to monitor Libya’s southern border of 5,000 kilometres (3,100 miles).” He added, “Securing Libya’s southern border means securing Europe’s southern border. Southern Libya has become an important […]

Al-Sisi saves Israel from international boycott, says former Israeli general

A former spokesman of the Israeli army has said that the reconciliation projects proposed by Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi save Israel from an international boycott, reported on Sunday. Brigadier General Avi Benayahu’s comments were published initially by Hebrew-language Maariv. He said that Al-Sisi serves Israeli interests by his work against smuggling weapons to the Gaza Strip, and noted that the region is witnessing accelerating developments and Israel has to get some benefit from them. Israel’s interests, claimed the general, match Egypt’s. Read: Netanyahu and Al-Sisi have close ties, says Israeli ambassador to Egypt The former Israeli official described the Egyptian operations on the border with Gaza as “partially successful”, with Hamas on the receiving end of “attack after […]

Israel arrests senior member of Islamic movement

Occupation police officers arrested a senior member of the Islamic Movement in Israel at dawn on Sunday, Anadolu has reported. Suleiman Ahmad Agbaria, the former head of the municipality of Umm Al-Fahm in northern Israel, was arrested at his home in the town. No details of the reason for his arrest have been issued. However, Anadolu pointed out that the Israeli occupation authorities have imposed a travel ban on him in the past for “security reasons”. Read: Israel ‘assassinates’ senior Hamas official in Gaza Agbaria is one of a number of the movement’s members detained over the past few days. Gag orders have been imposed in three of the cases. The Islamic Movement in Northern Israel was banned by the […]

Israel arrested 16 Palestinian women and girls in March

The Israeli occupation forces arrested 16 women and girls in March, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Centre (PPC) said on Sunday, reported QudsNet News. A spokesman for the PPC, Riyad Al-Ashqar, accused the Israelis of “systematically” targeting women and girls, arresting between 15 and 20 “every month”. He cited, for example, the arrest of Zahra Al-Nimir, 20, and Manar Al-Nimir, 22, the daughters of the woman killed by the Israeli forces at the Old City of Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate last week. Their brother, Mustafa Al-Nimir, was killed by the Israeli forces in Jerusalem a couple of months ago. Read: Israeli court issues 4 life terms against Palestinian prisoner The PPC researcher said that in several cases, the relatives of Palestinian prisoners or […]

Tunisia denies praising Iran’s role in protecting the Islamic world from Israel

The Tunisian presidency has denied Iranian media reports that during a visit by an Iranian Minister to Tunis, President Béji Kaid Essebsi praised Iran for protecting the Islamic world against Israel. “Iran is the protector of the Islamic world from Israel,” Iranian media quoted Essebsi as saying during a meeting with the Iranian Culture and Guidance Minister, Reza Salehi Amiri. A spokesperson for the Tunisian president, Ridha Bouguezzi, told the Tunisian News Agency (TAP) on Saturday, “The talks covered relations and cooperation between the two countries and focused on the prospects of achieving regional stability following the lifting of international sanctions from the Iranian government. The talks also focused on ways to contribute to the peaceful resolution of conflicts, especially […]

‘Most Palestinian minors arrested by Israeli forces claim physical violence during detention’

A report in Haaretz on Sunday claimed that most Palestinian minors arrested by the Israel occupation forces “claim physical violence” during their detention. According to renowned journalist Amira Hass, 60 per cent of the minors had experienced violence and only 10 per cent met with a lawyer. A 2013 UNICEF report accused Israel of systematically abusing young Palestinian detainees. Nothing, noted Hass, has changed since then. The indictments filed by the Israeli ministry, said Hass, are generally “vague” and lack specific details. They do not include, for example, any evidence, the dates and times of arrest or places where alleged stone-throwing (the common accusation) took place. Read: Israeli occupation forces kill another Palestinian in West Bank The Israeli journalist said that […]

Hamas blames Israel for assassination

The military wing of Hamas, Al-Qassam Brigades, laid the blame officially on Israel yesterday for the assassination of one of its senior members, Anadolu has reported. Unknown gunmen shot Mazen Fuqaha at point blank range, killing him as he parked his car. Although he was originally from the occupied West Bank, Fuqaha was released as part of the prisoner swap deal agreed with the Israelis in 2011 on condition that he was expelled to the Gaza Strip. Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman hinted that Israel was not responsible for the murder. His remarks, insisted Al-Qassam spokesman Abu Obaida, reflect how much Israel is afraid and pressured. “We put the full blame and responsibility on Israel for this crime.” He noted […]

Sudan’s Bashir accuses ICC of facilitating colonisation in Africa

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir has accused the International Criminal Court (ICC) of being a politicised colonisation tool geared to undermine the African continent. In his speech to the first Conference of the Chiefs Justice and Heads of the Supreme Courts in Africa, Al-Bashir said Sunday when the African nations realised that the ICC was an unjust colonial tool, the African Union decided to collectively withdraw from the ICC, Anadolu agency reported. “This requires the formation of an African court of justice to achieve justice based on evidence and not on fabrication and political considerations,” the Sudanese president said; adding that the international tribunal has dealt with Africa with double standards. Meanwhile, Al Bashir stressed that Sudan stands firm in combating […]

Tapes of force-feeding in Guantanamo to remain secret on grounds they incite violence against Americans

A federal appeals court in the US has ruled that at least 28 videotapes depicting guards at Guantanamo Bay prison force-feeding a detainee will be kept secret, despite a petition to disclose them on the grounds that it is in the public’s interest to see them, reports the New York Times. In 2013 detainees began a hunger strike in the prison when they heard guards had mishandled a Qur’an whilst searching their cells. Read: Trump eyes ‘flexible’ Daesh war fund, Guantanamo upgrade Detainees on hunger strike are strapped into a restraint chair, a tube inserted through the nose so that a nutritional supplement can be poured through it and into their stomach. The same year US actor and rapper Yasin […]