Algeria charges blogger with leaking details of arms deal

A blogger has been arrested and held in custody for “insulting” Algerian authorities and making public “secret” documents. Abelhakim Mohandi, 30, was presented at court in Bir Mourad Raïs and charged for “making secret documents available to the public [and] illegal possession and spreading of information,” according to his lawyer, Amine Sidhoum. Managing several pages on Facebook including the “Revolution of young Algerians” page, Mohandi shared a document relating to a transaction between the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) and the Brazilian company Condor SA Quimica concerning the acquisition of 200,000 cartridges of tear gas in 2016. Mohandi has also been charged with insulting an official state body through messages and photos posted online on his social media pages. Mohandi’s trial is scheduled […]

Yemen’s Houthis pledge support for Palestine

Houthi fighters are ready to support Palestinian resistance, Al Masdar reported the leader of the group saying. In a speech to his supporters, Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin Al-Houthi said his fighters were ready to join any confrontation with Israel. Arabs and Muslims should not be silent in the face of the US-backed actions in the region, he added, and should stand up for Palestinian resistance. He called on his supporters to demonstrate in support of Al-Aqsa. Al-Houthi went on to commend Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah for being outspoken against the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. Read: 100 mosques in Sudan show solidarity with Al-Aqsa

UAE responsible for cyberattack on Qatar, confirm US officials

The Qatari interior ministry held a press conference yesterday to discuss the latest developments in the hacking of the Qatar News Agency (QNA) website and the publication of fabricated remarks attributed to Qatar Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani. US officials have confirmed reports that the UAE is responsible for the cyberattack on QNA, which led to the current Gulf crisis. Both the Washington Post and NBC News quoted US intelligence officials as saying the UAE arranged for Qatari media to be hacked. Read: UAE denies hacking Qatar news portal The Post reported on Sunday that information from US intelligence officials revealed that senior UAE government officials discussed the planned hacks on 23 May, the day before the hacking occurred. On […]

80 injured as police advance on Rif protests

Seventy-two security forces and 11 civilians have been wounded following violent police intervention at a protest in Al-Hoceima, on the northern edge of the Rif Mountains in Morocco. The injured were “transferred to hospital to receive the necessary care,” with a few remaining in hospital in critical condition, according to Huffington Post Morocco. Two police vehicles were set on fire by demonstrators in the nearby town of Ajdir as protesters took to the street defying a ban yesterday on demonstrations in Al-Hoceima. Protesters uploaded images and videos to social networks of the violent intervention last night as police fired tear gas and used truncheons to scatter hundreds of protesters. Demonstrators calling for the release of detained activists were arrested. Read: […]

‘Qatar politically and morally defeated boycotting countries’

Abdullah Al Athba, editor-in-chief Al-Arab newspaper, said that Qatar has emerged victorious politically and morally from its crisis with the boycotting countries. In his interviews with Al Jazeera, he added that according to the evidence from the Interior Ministry, the hacking of the Qatar News Agency took place in cooperation with the UAE and began immediately after the Riyadh summit held to confront Iran and its support for terrorism. He also noted that the evidence clearly indicated Emirates’ low level of browsing of the Qatari news agency before the hacking, and then showed a sudden spike in the readership of specific institutions. He added that although the boycotting countries tried to suggest that the news agency was difficult to hack, […]

Tunisia parliament rejects restoring diplomatic ties with Syria

The Tunisian parliament has rejected a petition to restore diplomatic relations with the Syrian regime. Sixty-eight lawmakers voted in favour of the petition, 27 abstained and six rejected the petition, which needed 109 votes to be considered valid. In April lawmakers belonging to four parliamentary groups – Al-Horra, the Popular Front, UPL and Afek Tounes – filed a petition demanding diplomatic relations with Syria be restored. In March seven MPs visited Syria to restore relations with the Syrian regime and to collaborate in investigating extremist networks that recruit young Tunisians. The petition signatories said “the restoration of relations is in line with the preamble to the constitution, which reaffirms that Tunisia belongs at a cultural level to the civilisation of […]

Gaza radio stations launch joint broadcast to support Al-Aqsa

Eleven local radio stations in the Gaza Strip yesterday launched a joint broadcast to highlight the Israeli escalations in Al-Aqsa Mosque. The coordinator of the Federation of Islamic Radio and Television, Saleh Al-Masri, said the broadcast will address the Israeli violations in Al-Aqsa Mosque; the most recent of which was the setting up of electronic gates outside the mosque’s entrances. Al-Masri said in remarks to Quds Press that scientists, researchers and jurists are expected to participate in the joint broadcast from inside and outside Palestine to highlight the role of the Palestinian national and responsible media. He called for concerted efforts to highlight the suffering of the Palestinians to the world, expressing his regret that the Arab and international media […]

100 mosques in Sudan show solidarity with Al-Aqsa

The Sudanese Palestinian Brotherhood Society yesterday announced that the imams from 100 mosques in Khartoum have agreed to talk about the tensions in Al-Aqsa Mosque in their sermons today. The Society’s head of board of trustees, Muhammad Al-Amin Khalifa, said in a press conference: “What is happening in Al-Aqsa Mosque is a serious matter and everyone must take a frim stand for freedom and peace.” “We must stand together and if we do not unite over the truth, then we will be defeated.” The Palestinian Ambassador to Khartoum, Sameer Abdul-Jabbar, stressed: “The need to continue the struggle and support the Palestinian cause on a daily basis. We must also avoid in the moment reactions as they are not feasible.” Read: […]