Video shows Iraqi police torturing Sudanese man

Video footage circulating online appears to show Iraqi police torturing a Sudanese man who they accuse of being a member of Daesh. Police officers, some of whose faces are clearly visible on the video, are seen slapping, kicking and physically and verbally abusing the man who does not fight back. They later use a lighter to burn his beard and hair. According to Sudanese news sites, the man is Musa Al-Bashir and he was subjected to violent torture after leaving a hospital where he was being treated for an injury to his leg during armed clashes near Mosul. The Sudanese Foreign Ministry summoned the Chargé d’Affaires of the Iraqi Embassy in Khartoum yesterday and informed him of its protest against […]

Libyan Army Major appears in Guantanamo-style video

A new execution video has emerged of 20 captives in Guantanamo-style orange jump suits gunned down by masked men ordered by a man that is believed to be Mahmoud Warfali, a controversial Saiqa Special Forces commander in the Libyan National Army (LNA). The video emerged this week and shows 18 hooded men in orange jumpsuits arranged into four lines kneeling on the ground before the leader of the armed men orders five men wearing balaclavas to stand behind the captives. The man then commands his men to shoot the captured men in the back of the head and then their bodies. Holding a document the commander then appears with two other gunmen and shoots the last of the prisoners with […]

US to vote on new sanctions bill that punishes Iran

The US House of Representatives will today vote on a bill that will slap new sanctions against Iran. The legislation, whose primary target is Russia, will also punish Iran and North Korea. The bill includes sanctions against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which stands accused of supporting terrorism, and North Korea, for its missile tests. Efforts to impose new sanctions on Iran have been ongoing but US legislators failed to agree on the details of the text. Last month the US Senate, which is the upper chamber of the Congress, voted 98-2 in favour of tough sanctions on Moscow and Tehran, but the text stalled in the House of Representatives. The new legislation is thought to be the result of […]

Iran sets up ‘commission’ to counter US sanctions

Parliamentarians in Iran have set up a commission to counter measures against the fresh sanctions imposed by the US on Tehran. Officials in the Islamic Republic are irritated by steps taken by the US, which they say violate the 2015 nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action  (JCPOA). Last week, the White House certified Iran’s compliance with the terms of the nuclear deal, nevertheless President Donald Trump’s administration wanted to impose fresh new sanctions on individuals, groups and entities which it claims are involved in activities including aiding Iran’s military guard, missile development, weapons procurement and software theft. In total, Trump was seeking to sanction 16 Iranian individuals, groups and networks. An agreement, which is part of […]

Israel launches fresh attacks on Gaza

Israeli occupying forces attacked positions in the Gaza Strip with tank fire on Sunday night, according to Ma’an news agency. Despite the Israeli army stating they had attacked a Hamas post in the south of the Strip, locals confirmed that the tank shells landed in the residential area of Deir Al-Balah. No injuries were reported. Read: Gazans clash with Israeli troops during the Day of Rage Israel has launched numerous attacks on the besieged coastal enclave this year, injuring at least seven Palestinians and damaging the already limited electricity infrastructure. The latest attack on the Gaza Strip has been seen as an attempt by occupation forces to divert attention from the ongoing unrest in Jerusalem which has been caused by Israel’s […]

Turkish Parliament discusses Israeli violations against Al-Aqsa

The Turkish parliament yesterday discussed the Israeli violations against Al-Aqsa Mosque. Parliament Speaker, Ismail Kahraman, and lawmakers slammed the Israeli violations against Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem. Kahraman who belongs to the ruling Justice and Development Party, called on the international community to shoulder its responsibility and react to the Israeli crimes against human rights and freedom of belief. “I also call on Muslim countries to be more sensitive about defending the issues of our Palestinian brothers,” Kahraman added. Read:Al-Aqsa Mosque belongs to all Muslims, not only Palestinians, says Erdogan Ozgur Ozel, parliamentary group leader of the opposition Republican People’s Party, stressed on the importance of the speaker’s condemnation of the Israeli violations and noted that his party supports the Palestinians’ struggle […]

Exploiting the Palestinian divide has never been easier, as the PA and Israel know well

The Palestinian Authority continues to make news for the wrong reasons, a trend which it copies from Israel which is also seeking to increase Palestinian fragmentation. Yesterday, Israeli media reported on a ruling issued by the Jerusalem District Court, which allows Palestinians detained by the PA and who collaborated with Israel to seek compensation from the Authority for torture. Such Palestinians are considered to have been detained illegally by Judge Moshe Drori, who stated that there were several considerations that prompted the ruling. Since the court is considering such arrests to be illegal, Drori stated that, “The arrest of the PA on grounds that are not within its jurisdiction, especially when it comes to security grounds, has security implications in […]

Al-Shabaab receives weapons in exchange for aid workers in Somalia

The Al-Qaeda associated armed group, Al-Shabaab, yesterday released seven humanitarian aid workers in Somalia, the Anadolu Agency reported. The aid workers had been taken captive on 16 July near the city of Baidoa, 150 miles southwest of the capital, Mogadishu. Al-Shabaab released two females and five male aid workers in return for weapons paid as ransom, indicating a negotiated release. Police officials confirmed to Anadolu that the armed group received weapons. In an attempt to take over Somalia’s government, Al-Shabaab continually attacks official sites and African Union troops to implement a strict version of Islamic law across the country.

In Morocco, stopping the Rif mobilisation requires democratisation

Mistakes and stubbornness still characterise Morocco’s state reactions to the Rif Hirak (“mobilisation”) subsequent to Mouhcine Fikri’s sordid death. Protests, meanwhile, have been relentless and mostly peaceful. Any “violence” by activists has been defensive, while the state seems to be engaged in an unequal tug-of-war with them. With the current developments, the 2011 promises to involve the country in Constitution-based, gradual democratisation seem like treachery. The context for today’s Hirak is a mix of political, social, economic and historical factors. For some human rights defenders, protests started earlier than Fikri’s death. On 8 October, tensions flared when, in Al-Hoceima, as an exceptional nationwide act, nine political parties protested against local authorities’ excessive electoral fraud which facilitated a large win for […]

Rabbi denied entry to Israel over support for BDS

A Jewish Rabbi has been prevented from boarding a flight to Israel over his support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP) said in a press statement yesterday. Rabbi Alisa Wise, deputy director for JVP, was one of five members of an interfaith delegation who were prevented from checking in to their Lufthansa flight. An employee at Dulles International Airport in Washington informed the group that the Israeli government had ordered the airline prevent some of the delegates from travelling. Two other Jewish members of JVP, which has openly endorsed the BDS movement and criticised Israel’s policies towards Palestinians, were also prohibited from boarding. This is believed to be the first time that Jews […]