Germany, Qatar to share intel to help end Gulf crisis

German intelligence will work with Qatar to resolve accusations by Gulf states, that country’s foreign minister said Thursday, Al Jazeera. Sigmar Gabriel said Qatar agreed to share information about “certain people and institutions” with German intelligence. There were no further details provided. Gabriel visited Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Kuwait as part of a three-day Gulf tour that began Monday. Gabriel said Tuesday that Berlin was in favor of solution-oriented approaches to the Gulf crisis and praised the U.S. and Kuwait for their efforts as mediators, in a joint news conference with his Qatari counterpart, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani. “Germany has not taken the side of any party during the Gulf crisis. However, we support a solution-based approach and we […]

Israel extends travel ban on Palestine resistance icon

Israeli Interior Minister Arie Deri has extended a travel ban issued against Sheikh Raed Salah, deputy leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel (northern branch), Israeli media reported Thursday. According to Israeli Channel 7, Deri renewed the travel ban on Salah – which effectively bars him from leaving the country – for an additional year. “The minister based his decision on concerns that Salah’s departure from the country could be detrimental to state security,” the broadcaster reported. Since 2015, Israel has prohibited Salah, who is seen as an icon of the Palestinian resistance, from traveling outside the country for reasons ostensibly related to “national security”. The Islamic Movement is outlawed by the Israeli authorities, who in recent years have repeatedly arrested […]

Ohio man pleads guilty to trying to provide support to Daesh

An Ohio man pleaded guilty on Thursday to trying to provide material support to Daesh, the US Justice Department said. Aaron Travis Daniels, 20, of Columbus, was arrested 7 November as he tried to leave his city to travel to Libya to join the militant group, the department said in a statement. A criminal complaint against him said Daniels sent $250 in January 2016 to an Daesh operative and had communicated his commitment to violent overseas jihad. Daniels, known also as Harun Muhammad or Abu Yusef, pleaded guilty in US District Court in Columbus and faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced, officials said. “This case demonstrates how terrorist activities abroad can reach into our local […]

Life returns to normal in Syria’s war-weary Jarabulus

Thousands of Syrians have returned to Syria’s northern city of Jarabulus since it was liberated almost one year ago from the Daesh terrorist group. Life has now largely returned to normal in Jarabulus, which lies just across Turkey’s border with Syria, since the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) liberated the city in August of last year. Jarabulus is now being provided with its basic needs, including power and water, from Turkey’s nearby Gaziantep province, allowing local infrastructure — including hospitals and schools — to resume operations. FSA fighters deployed on the border, meanwhile, have continued to help local residents return to their homes, with more than 50,000 civilians having reportedly returned to the city to date. Local restaurants and shops are […]

Four Arab states leading Qatar boycott say initial demands void, vow more measures

The four Arab states leading the boycott against Qatar said late on Thursday that Doha’s refusal of their demands is proof of its links to terror groups and that they would enact new measures against it. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Bahrain released a joint statement carried by the countries’ state media saying their initial list of 13 demands was now void and that they would take political, economic and legal steps against Qatar. The Qatari government sabotaged diplomatic efforts to solve the rift, the four states said, and its refusal affirmed its continuing sabotage of the region’s stability and security. The measures taken by the four states were aimed at the Qatari government but not its […]

Ronaldinho in Egypt to tackle hepatitis C

FC Barcelona’s Ronaldinho has spent the week in Egypt, admiring “incredible” Cairo and supporting his charity. Ronaldinho arrived on Monday and visited the pyramids in Giza on Tuesday. Posting pictures of his trip on Facebook he wrote: “Cairo is incredible.” Read: Egypt rounding up Uyghur students for deportation The main aim of his visit is to support the Tour n’ Cure campaign which works to cure patients with hepatitis C. In February, Argentinian football player Lionel Messi also visited Egypt to promote the campaign. This is the Ronaldinho’s third visit to the African country; he previously came to the country in 1997 and 2007. The World Health Organisation has commended Egypt on its success in getting the necessary medication to […]

FM: Boycotting states want to change Qatar’s leadership

Qatar’s foreign minister yesterday rejected what he called demands by other Gulf states for it to “surrender our sovereignty”. He made the remarks to reporters at the London headquarters of the Chatham House think-tank about the ongoing political crisis plaguing the Arab Gulf states. “Beginning in April, Qatar was subjected to a carefully orchestrated and unprecedented smear campaign aimed at misrepresenting our policies on key issues affecting the region,” Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said. At the time, said Al Thani, Qatari officials had told regional news outlets that Qatar’s official news agency had been hacked. Read: Timeline: The Arab rift with Qatar Nevertheless, he added, media outlets in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had promoted […]