Houthis ‘down Saudi reconnaissance plane’

Houthi militias have downed a Saudi reconnaissance plane while it was flying over Najran Province on the border with Yemen, Saba news agency reported on Tuesday. “The army’s air defences and the popular committees downed a reconnaissance plane belonging to the Saudi-US aggression in Najran,” the Houthi-controlled agency said. The Iran-backed Houthis, who took over the Yemeni capital of Sanaa in a September 2014 coup, also announced on Tuesday that they attacked Saudi military sites on the Yemen-Saudi Arabia border, killing a Saudi officer and injuring two others. Read: Houthis launch missile at Saudi oil refinery According to Saba, the Houthis launched missile attacks on a number of Saudi military sites near the border, in addition to targeting a Royal Saudi […]

Israel’s love-in with Hungary’s anti-Semites exposes the ugly core of Zionism

The official ideology of the state of Israel, Zionism, has always been an anti-Semitic political project. While Zionism projects itself as a solution to European anti-Semitism, in reality it has meant its continuation in spirit and practice. The basic premise behind Zionism has always been a fundamentally anti-Jewish one. The idea that Jews are not genuine citizens of their countries of origin in Europe and elsewhere, and that they should leave to become settlers in a foreign country — Israel — is one that the political left has no trouble in recognising as anti-Semitic when it is uttered by the political right. When the same lie comes out of the mouths of Zionists, though (including some liberal and left-wing groups), […]

Trump warns Iran to adhere to terms of nuclear deal or face problems

US President Donald Trump warned Iran on Tuesday to adhere to terms of a nuclear deal with world powers or “there will be big, big problems” for Tehran. “Incoherent Policy”: U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Iran Even as Trump Admits Iran Following Nuclear Deal https://t.co/UlsRddA0Kl pic.twitter.com/XknsevNAT3 — Democracy Now! (@democracynow) July 24, 2017 At a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, Trump said Iran has been emboldened by the nuclear deal, but “that won’t take place much longer.” He did not provide specifics.

Assad regime strikes Eastern Ghouta, kills at least 9

Air strikes killed at least nine people in the Eastern Ghouta area of Syria near Damascus overnight and insurgent shelling from the rebel-held area landed near the Russian embassy on Tuesday, a war monitor reported. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the deaths in the town of Arbin marked the first civilian casualties since a Russian-backed truce in the area came into effect. The Syrian military declared a cessation of hostilities there on Saturday. Later, two residents said jets believed to be Russian that people identify by their flight at high altitudes and in sorties struck again residential buildings in the same areas, killing at least two people and causing scores of injuries. But Russia, a military ally of […]

Trump pledges US aid to help Lebanon against Daesh

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday praised Lebanon’s efforts to guard its borders to prevent Daesh and other militant groups from gaining a foothold inside their country and promised continued American help. “America’s assistance can help ensure that the Lebanese army is the only defender Lebanon needs,” Trump said at a White House news conference after talks with Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri. Trump did not specify what level of support Lebanon would receive from the United States, but both Trump and Hariri expressed optimism about future military cooperation. When asked about US support for the Lebanese army, Hariri said that hopefully the aid would continue as it has in the past. Lebanon’s military has received hundreds of millions in […]

Erdogan: Israel is trying to take Al-Aqsa from Muslims

Israel is attempting to take over Al-Aqsa Mosque from “the hands of Muslims,” Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, warned today. Speaking at a meeting with the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Ankara, Erdogan stressed that it is “unacceptable” to deal with the holy site’s worshipers as “terrorists.” “Everyone, who knows Israel, is aware that restrictions on Al-Aqsa mosque are not due to safety concerns. Israel is trying to take Al-Aqsa from Muslims under the guise of counter-terrorism efforts,” he said. The AKP chairman strongly condemned the Jewish state on barring the Palestinian worshipers to access the holy site in recent days. “It’s a matter of faith, not a matter of ability to protect our holy sites,” Erdogan says, calling on Muslims to visit Al Aqsa Mosque […]

Qatar Announces Joint Military Exercises with USA and Turkey

Qatar’s Minister of State for Defence, Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Attiyah, said that Qatar is preparing to conduct military exercises with the United States and Turkey. “US – Qatari relations are old and we are allies. The states who are blockading Qatar forgot that President Trump’s tweets are not always official,” the Qatari minister said in a televised interview with Russia Today. Al-Attiyah confirmed that Washington will not find a substitute for the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, and that the arms trade between Doha and the United States have been significant since 2014 and were recently reapproved by Congress. Al-Attiyah explained that the four countries blockading his country were surprised with the number of their expatriates inside Qatar: We […]