Hawwash: Israel-Jordan peace treaty solid despite embassy shooting

The shooting of two Jordanian citizens by an Israeli embassy security guard in Amman would never affect the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan, a Palestinian political analyst told Quds Press yesterday. The political analyst Mohamed Hawwash said that the two countries had previously overcome several security incidents without mutual relations being affected. Of the failed attempt to assassinate the former Hamas chief Khaled Mashal and the incident when a Jordanian soldier killed seven Israeli women in 1997, Hawwash said: “Both sides were able to sort out the two issues”. According to Quds Press, the analyst said that the peace treaty between the two countries “is well established,” stressing that nothing would affect it even in the future. Read: ‘Mentally ill’ […]

Netanyahu warmly receives soldier who killed Jordanians

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warmly received the Israeli soldier who killed two Jordanian citizens including a child – along with the staff of the Israeli embassy in Amman – when they returned to Israel on Monday, Safa news agency reported. Amidst escalating violence from the Israeli army in response to protests at Al-Aqsa Mosque an Israeli embassy security guard shot the two Jordanians in a building used as a residence for embassy staff. Jordan initially prohibited the guard from leaving the country but Israel refused to allow Jordanian authorities to question him citing diplomatic immunity. According to Channel 7, Safa said that the Israeli soldier Ze’ev thanked Netanyahu for the swift reaction to this issue and for facilitating his […]

Religious authorities reject all Israeli measures at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian religious authorities in Jerusalem have rejected all of Israel’s measures at Al-Aqsa Mosque and in the holy city of Jerusalem, Felesteen.ps reported on Tuesday. “Our stance is that worshippers should remain outside [the mosque compound] until we receive a full report about the situation in the mosque,” explained Shaikh Ekrima Sabri. The former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine made his comment after a meeting held on Tuesday morning to discuss the Israeli decision to replace the metal detectors installed at the gates of the Noble Sanctuary of Al-Aqsa with advanced CCTV cameras. “The religious authorities in Jerusalem decided to reject all of the measures taken by the Israeli occupation since 14 July,” he added. The religious authorities which […]

Austrian court sentences Palestinian asylum seeker to life imprisonment

An Austrian court sentenced a Palestinian asylum seeker to life imprisonment on Monday. Abdel Karim Abu Habel, 27, was found guilty of being a member of Hamas and planning attacks against Israeli targets, apparently based on “evidence” the court received from Israel. He is married with two children. While the Austrians claimed that the refugee from Gaza had contacted two Palestinians living in Israel to attack the targets, his family pointed out that 12 years ago an Israeli court sentenced their son to 9 years in prison on the same charges; he was released in 2013. He has already served his sentence, they insisted. According to his father, Mohammed Abu Habel, the family is surprised at the sentence; he called […]

Amnesty warns of imminent executions after ‘unfair’ Saudi trial

Amnesty International warned on Tuesday that 14 Saudi citizens face imminent execution following what the organisation describes as an “unfair” mass trial in which they were condemned for “rioting, theft and rebellion”. #HumanRights Saudi Arabia has one of the highest rates of death sentences in the world. At least 66 people are known to have been executed in the Kingdom this year already, according to the London-based human rights group. The Supreme Court in Saudi Arabia has upheld the death penalty for the 14 men. “King Salman’s signature is now all that stands between them and their execution,” explained Samah Hadid, Amnesty’s Director of Campaigns for the Middle-East. “He must immediately quash these death sentences which are a result of […]

Son of late King Fahd criticises UAE’s Mohammed Bin Zayed

The son of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has criticised Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed, describing him as “villainous” and “cowardly”. Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd made his comments on Twitter. Angered by a picture designed by an Emirati citizen which included photographs of Saudi King Salman and the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, Bin Fahd described the latter as a “deceiver”. “Don’t put your photo next to Salman’s,” he wrote on Twitter. Bin Zayed has a “satanic black face,” he added. Prince Abdul Aziz accused the Abu Dhabi official of following US President Donald Trump and of misleading and deceiving Muslims. This was Bin Fahd’s second major Twitter outburst in the past few days. Earlier in the […]

Houthis ‘down Saudi reconnaissance plane’

Houthi militias have downed a Saudi reconnaissance plane while it was flying over Najran Province on the border with Yemen, Saba news agency reported on Tuesday. “The army’s air defences and the popular committees downed a reconnaissance plane belonging to the Saudi-US aggression in Najran,” the Houthi-controlled agency said. The Iran-backed Houthis, who took over the Yemeni capital of Sanaa in a September 2014 coup, also announced on Tuesday that they attacked Saudi military sites on the Yemen-Saudi Arabia border, killing a Saudi officer and injuring two others. Read: Houthis launch missile at Saudi oil refinery According to Saba, the Houthis launched missile attacks on a number of Saudi military sites near the border, in addition to targeting a Royal Saudi […]

Israel’s love-in with Hungary’s anti-Semites exposes the ugly core of Zionism

The official ideology of the state of Israel, Zionism, has always been an anti-Semitic political project. While Zionism projects itself as a solution to European anti-Semitism, in reality it has meant its continuation in spirit and practice. The basic premise behind Zionism has always been a fundamentally anti-Jewish one. The idea that Jews are not genuine citizens of their countries of origin in Europe and elsewhere, and that they should leave to become settlers in a foreign country — Israel — is one that the political left has no trouble in recognising as anti-Semitic when it is uttered by the political right. When the same lie comes out of the mouths of Zionists, though (including some liberal and left-wing groups), […]

Trump warns Iran to adhere to terms of nuclear deal or face problems

US President Donald Trump warned Iran on Tuesday to adhere to terms of a nuclear deal with world powers or “there will be big, big problems” for Tehran. “Incoherent Policy”: U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Iran Even as Trump Admits Iran Following Nuclear Deal https://t.co/UlsRddA0Kl pic.twitter.com/XknsevNAT3 — Democracy Now! (@democracynow) July 24, 2017 At a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, Trump said Iran has been emboldened by the nuclear deal, but “that won’t take place much longer.” He did not provide specifics.