Saudi Arabia: Yemen’s air and sea ports to reopen in 24 hours

Saudi Arabia announced that it will reopen all Yemeni ports within 24 hours after a week of closures, Al Arabiya English reported. “The first step in this process will be taken within 24 hours and involves reopening all the ports in areas controlled by the Government of Yemen, including Aden, Mukalla and Mocha,” the statement by Saudi Arabia’s mission to Yemen read. The Saudi-led military coalition fighting against the Houthi movement in Yemen said on 7 November it would close all air, land and sea ports to the Arabian Peninsula country after a missile was fired at Riyadh. Saudi Arabia is concerned that the ports are being used to smuggle Iranian-made weapons, including ballistic missiles to the Houthis in Yemen. […]

Amnesty: Syria regime’s ‘surrender or starve’ strategy is a crime against humanity

The Syrian government’s strategy of “surrender or starve” towards civilian populations in opposition controlled areas amounts to a crime against humanity, Amnesty International announced today. In a new report, the human rights watchdog examines Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s campaign of sieges, unlawful killings and forced displacement in regions which have supposedly negotiated reconciliation agreements between government forces and opposition groups. “In most instances this displacement was not carried out for civilians’ security or an imperative military necessity. That means it violated the prohibition of forced displacement under international humanitarian law, amounting to a war crime,” the report said. Amnesty conducted interviews with 134 people including displaced residents, UN officials and humanitarian workers since April this year, and also reviewed dozens […]

100 terrorists planning attacks from their hideouts between Algeria-Tunisia border

Around 100 “terrorists” are currently holed up in the western mountains of Tunisia on the border with Algeria trying to enter Tunisia via its southern border with Libya, Tunisia’s Defence Minister has warned. According to Abdelkarim Zubaidi, Tunisia’s “armed forces are ready to respond to any threats that may come from terrorists waiting for the opportunity to enter Tunisia, in cooperation with the security services of the Ministry of the Interior.” Speaking to the Parliament Committee on Management and Armed Forces Affairs, Zubaidi explained that the presence of terrorists near its borders was one of the country’s “main security risks and terrorist threats”. His comments came after the statement made by the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, in […]

Report: UAE undermines Hadi’s authority in Yemen through separatists

The UAE’s support for the Southern Transitional Council in Yemen is undermining the power of internationally backed President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, the Associated Press reported yesterday. The news agency explaining that “Abu Dhabi favours supporting extremist Salafist groups against the Yemeni Rally for Reform Party, one of the most important elements supporting the country’s legitimate government.” According to the analysis, the UAE also supports separatist leaders and militias to undermine Hadi’s authority. Earlier this week, the agency reported that Saudi Arabia had prevented Hadi, his two sons and Yemeni ministers and military personnel from returning to Yemen, due to the “bitter hostility between Hadi and the UAE, which is part of the Saudi-led alliance, and controls southern Yemen”. The […]

Neo-extremism has no religion

An article that I published last week addressed a new breed of criminals committing acts of societal and political violence in a pattern of “gentlemanly” terrorism. The perpetrator seems well-mannered and civilised, not only while preparing to commit the crime, but also in daily life. The violent act that they commit seems to be out of character, and they return to being calm and civilised, in touch with themselves and their surroundings. They appear to be content with themselves, even when they know that they are facing execution or life imprisonment. Nowadays, we find that there is a common denominator between such a violent “gentleman” and the traditional terrorist. They both adopt an extremist ideology and have a dark outlook […]

Egypt FM: NGOs deliberately ‘misleading’ on human rights abuses

European NGOs and media outlets are deliberately spreading false information in regards to the human rights situation in the country, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said on Thursday, according to Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm. The comments were made during a meeting between Shoukry and his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian on the last day of the World Health Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh. The foreign minister claimed that Egypt was committed to safeguarding its human rights record and argued that Western organisations were ignoring government strategies aimed at promoting freedom, women’s rights and the release of prisoners. “I call on these entities not to go beyond misleading information on the internal conditions inside Egypt,” he said. The comments came a week […]

Jordan King renews support for State of Palestine

Jordanian King Abdullah II yesterday renewed his support for the establishment of a Palestinian state, Ma’an reported. Speaking at the inauguration of the 18th Jordanian parliament, the King said that he supports the establishment of a Palestinian state in historic Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital. He also renewed his commitment to protecting the Islamic and Christian holy sites in occupied Jerusalem. Palestinian Authority ambassador to Amman hailed the King’s speech and his support for the Palestinian cause and the city of Jerusalem. “The Palestinian issue is among the top priorities which the King concentrated on,” he said, pointing out that the PA and the Palestinians also hail the King’s speech. He also said that the King’s guardianship of the […]

Fatah: Dentist administered poison to Arafat

Member of Fatah Revolutionary Council Adly Sadeq said yesterday that the late Fatah, PLO and Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Yassir Arafat was poisoned by a dentist, Quds Press reported. In a television interview, Sadeq said that all the investigations show that a dentist served the poison to Arafat and later on the dentist was found murdered in his apartment. “The investigation stopped here,” he said. But he called for opening a new investigation after the emergence of new links, pointing fingers at Israel after the death of the dentist. He said the investigators were unable to investigate the Israelis. He also said that Washington summoned a number of senior Palestinian officials and requested that they ask Arafat to leave his […]

Harsh conditions for Palestinian women in Israeli jails

“Harsh” and “painful” conditions await Palestinian women held in Israeli prisons, a lawyer speaking on behalf of the PLO’s Committee for Prisoners and Freed Prisoners said on Sunday. According to Hanan Al-Khatib, who visited Al-Damoun Prison on Saturday, the Israeli occupation authorities are “completely isolating the prisoners from the outside world.” She added that women prisoners are prevented from family visits under the pretext of security; their older sons especially are banned from seeing them. They are also placed in solitary confinement and exposed to “humiliating” searches and other such “provocative measures”. The treatment, Al-Khatib pointed out in a media statement, starts in the van on the way to prison, with “dirty insults” and worse hurled at the prisoners. These […]