Reconciliation is the least that can be achieved

The conditions Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set before the Palestinians in the wake of the start of the reconciliation process and as a prerequisite to the resumption of negotiations, which include the recognition of Israel the Jewish state, disarming Hamas and severing relations with Iran, are reminiscent of the conditions set by Israel under Ehud Olmert’s government, supported by the International Quartet and the United States, following Hamas’ victory in the legislative elections in January 2006. At that time, Israel demanded that Hamas recognise it and the signed agreements and began to impose a siege on the Gaza Strip in order to isolate Hamas, which formed the Palestinian government at the time. But after over 11 years, things are […]

Egypt: People whose nationality may be revoked

Amendments to Egypt’s Nationality Law have left numerous citizens fearing that they will have their passports revoked and may be left stateless. There are now seven cases in which the Egyptian nationality can be revoked, according to the law, these include when it is obtained illegally or in a fraudulent manner or when a judicial ruling confirms that the citizen has joined a banned group, association, party, organisation, gang or any entity, whatever its nature either in Egypt or abroad. Activists warn that this allows the coup government to revoke the citizenship of all opposition members, those who have spent time in prison on trumped up charges and those who have been sentenced in mass trials where they have been […]

Arab Women Investors Union honours Sisi for ‘supporting women’

The Arab Women Investors Union honoured Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi on Monday for his alleged efforts to empower women in the country, according to Daily News Egypt. The award, presented at the Arab League’s “Towards Sustainable Development” conference in Sharm Al-Sheikh, was received by Sahar Nasr, Egypt’s Minister of Investment and International Cooperation. Nasr spoke of the numerous reforms that Al-Sisi had implemented and argued that changes, such as increasing the provision of social safety nets, had alleviated the pressure Egyptian women faced. In return the Arab Women Investors Union announced its intention to pump some 1.7 billion Egyptian pounds ($96.4 million) in new joint investments in the country. Read: Egypt seeks to lower fertility rate in Upper Egypt […]

AOHR: British police must arrest Ehud Barak

The London based Arab Organisation for Human Rights (AOHR) in the UK has stated that London has become a safe haven for war criminals visiting the city. According to the AOHR these individuals come to the city because law enforcement has failed to take any measures to arrest them. The organisation added that Britain is one of the countries that adopts clear laws regarding global jurisdiction that allow the police to arrest the perpetrators of certain crimes, if they are on British soil, regardless of the suspect’s nationality and where the crime was committed. The AOHR stated that these laws are not enforced when it comes to Israelis who have committed war crimes documented on a global level. These suspects […]

Egypt threatens those who criticise parliament

Egyptian Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal warned of tough punishments for those who criticise the national legislative body on Monday morning, according to Ahram Online. In a statement prior to the House of Representative’s third session, Abdel Aal particularly highlighted that MPs and media bodies who tried to “defame the image of parliament” would be subject to disciplinary action. “To both I say the hour of judgment has come and it will be very soon – in the coming few weeks,” Abdel Aal declared. “Parliament will be very keen to discipline offenders in a very forceful way and will aim to inflict penalties on all those who want to disparage parliament or violate its rules.” Read: Egypt to expand law […]

16 North Africans feature in 100 African leaders’ list

Nationals from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt have been selected as part of a list of 100 Africans making a difference in Africa, according to an annual study by the Institut Choiseul. The French think tank’s “Choiseul 100 Africa“ chooses profiles that meet certain conditions that include the candidate’s active contribution in the economic development of Africa. The focus of the study was on image and reputation, the journey and skills, power and function, influence and networks, and potential and leadership of those monitored and selected. After a selection process, three Tunisians, one Egyptian, five Algerians and eight Moroccans were selected for the top 100 list. From Tunisia, the CEO of HBG Holding Zied Bouchamaoui, C-Logistics CEO Ghassen Ben Aissa and […]

22 Tunisia ministries fall short of new law demanding transparency

Some 22 ministries out of a total of 27 in Tunisia have failed to comply with the provisions of the Right to Information Act, according to the legal adviser of the organisation I Watch, Intissar Arfaoui. Of those ministries which failed to uphold the act – which guarantees the right to access information particularly on the administration of public services – the Presidency of the Government, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Education were all included. At a press conference held last week in Tunis on the theme “law on the right of access to information between theory and practice,” Arfaoui affirmed that the official website which should be publishing data on the ministries’ activities does […]

‘UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia risks poverty and civilian casualties’

Exporting arms to countries like Saudi Arabia contributes to increased rates of poverty and civilian casualties, Save the Children warns in a new report. “The UK should not undermine its humanitarian response… by exporting arms which contribute to increased rates of poverty and more civilian casualties,” the report warned. Save the Children advocated for the Department of International Development (DFID) to have a more powerful role in the Exports Controls Joint Unit (ECJU) which makes crucial export decisions.  The report stressed that the UK government should seek to make new regulations to “ensure humanitarian considerations are given either primary or far greater weight in decisions around granting of arms export licenses”. Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign in Yemen has attracted human […]

PLO: Time to end dark chapter of apartheid

Secretary-General of the PLO Saeb Erekat yesterday condemned the Israeli occupation’s policy against Palestinian land and people for the past nine months saying it is time to end this era of “apartheid”, Safa News Agency reported. In a statement, Erekat said that the illegal Israeli annexation of the Palestinian land and building settlements deprives the Palestinians of their rights and is erasing the chances of a viable Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital. He added that Israel has allowed settlement expansion, made soldiers and settlers immune from prosecution when they attack Palestinians, carried out enforced displacement, destroyed homes, carried out daily raids and terrorised unarmed Palestinians all over the occupied West Bank. Erekat reiterated […]

Turkey warns of dangerous conspiracy against Palestine cause

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has warned of s dangerous conspiracy being planned against the Palestine cause, noting that countries in the region are working to change the Palestinian Authority (PA) and instate puppets, the Anadolu Agency reported yesterday. Cavusoglu added that Turkey had been greatly criticised because it maintained contacts with Hamas since it won the elections in 2006. He went on to stress the importance of ending Palestinian division. Ankara, he explained, would continue all forms of support to rebuild hospitals and schools in Gaza, as well as to solve the electricity and water crises. Read: Turkey is being targeted says Meshaal “Holding the meeting of the Palestinian government in Gaza after Hamas’ dissolution of the administrative committee is a […]