Israeli court restores residency of Palestinian MPs

Israeli Supreme court on Wednesday rendered invalid a 2006 decision revoking the residency rights of three Palestinian lawmakers and a former minister in Jerusalem. “The Israeli Supreme Court invalidated a decision taken by former Israeli Interior Minister Roni Bar-On in 2006 to annul the residency of four Jerusalemites,” Khaled Abu Arafeh, former Palestinian Minister for Jerusalem Affairs told Anadolu Agency. “The court, however, said that the decision will enter into force during the next six months,” he said. Read More: Israel should back-off; Africa does not need a modern colonial master Khaled Abu Arafeh, along with Palestinian MPs Mohammed Abu Teir, Mohammed Totah and Ahmad Attoun were stripped of their Jerusalemite residency in late June 2006. “On May 29, 2006 Israeli Minister […]

Israeli PM states support for independent Kurdish state

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday declared his country’s support for an independent Kurdish state ahead of a regional referendum in northern Iraq. Israel “supports the legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people to achieve their own state,” Netantahu said in a statement. The controversial referendum on Kurdish regional independence slated for 25 September will see residents of northern Iraq’s Kurdish region vote on whether or not to declare independence from the Iraqi state. Read More: Report: Israel arrested 522 Palestinians in August Baghdad, however, rejects the planned poll, saying it will adversely affect the ongoing fight against Daesh, which — despite a string of recent defeats — still maintains a significant presence in northern Iraq. The Iraqi government also believes that […]

Report: Israel arrested 522 Palestinians in August

Israeli authorities arrested some 522 Palestinians in August, Palestinian prisoners’ affairs organisations and rights groups announced today. A joint report issued today by the Palestinian Prisoners Club, Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights, the Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association (Addameer) and the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs (CDA), revealed that most of the Israeli arrests took place in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip. The Palestinian detainees, who were arrested last month, include 130 minors and 16 women, the report added. Read More: Jerusalem delegation to Britain raises the plight of Palestinians On the number of administrative detainees, the report pointed out that Israel has issued about 134 administrative orders, 61 of which were new and 73 […]

When will Egypt’s leaders check themselves?

Over the past few weeks in Egypt there have been many clues regarding the country’s leaders’ adherence to their authoritarian approach and their insistence on wasting opportunities to distance themselves, even a little, from tyranny that they pushed the country towards since the summer of 2013. They have also refused to be open to genuine dialogue with independents and peaceful opponents, who only face oppression and security crackdowns from the government. One of the hints is in the form of the increased blocking of independent newspapers and media outlets’ websites as well as local and international human rights organisations. Today, there are hundreds of blocked websites in Egypt (424 according to the last calculations of independent journalists and human rights […]

Character assassination and murder are the norm in Egypt

The panic has reached its climax in Egypt with the countdown to the upcoming presidential elections, which are scheduled to be held next June. Al-Sisi fears the polls and does not want to hold them. Given his low popularity rating, he wants to avoid asking the oppressed citizens to vote for him; they won’t do so as he is the one who has stopped them from having a dignified life. Hence, Al-Sisi has been trying to amend the Constitution so that the presidential term is six years rather than four. All of the tame satellite networks promoted this and an MP actually proposed it in parliament. The Parliamentary Speaker was keen to discuss the issue, but then, suddenly, everything stopped […]

Qatari businessmen call for greater support for national products

A number of businessmen in Qatar have called for greater support for national products and for products from boycotting countries not to be imported. The businessmen said the unjust sanctions imposed by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt on Qatar were a harsh lesson about the importance of supporting national products, whether during the boycott or after the crisis. Businessman said the national products are very competitive and of high quality that match international standards. He stressed the importance of supporting national industries to maintain their competitiveness in the local market and called on all citizens and residents to maintain solidarity, cooperation and national spirit even after the dispute is resolved. Read: The Arab rift with Qatar Chairman of the […]

Kidnapped Indian priest rescued in Yemen

An Indian priest who was kidnapped in 2016 by unidentified armed men was freed in Yemen yesterday, the Times of Oman reported. Father Tom Uzhunnalil was freed following consular assistance from the Sultanate of Oman. The priest was transferred to the capital of Oman, Muscat, where he was flown to India to be reunited with his family. Gunmen abducted the priest in an attack on a care home last year in Aden, in the south of Yemen, in which four nuns, two Yemeni staff, and eight elderly residents and a security guard were killed. Read: One in five children require humanitarian assistance in Middle East “I am happy to inform that Father Tom Uzuhnnalil has been rescued,” Indian Foreign Minister […]

Up to 77% of migrants face abuse, exploitation and trafficking

Migrant and refugee children and youth trying to reach Europe face appalling levels of human rights violations, with 77 per cent of those travelling along the Central Mediterranean route facing abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking, a report published by international bodies said on Tuesday. “All migrants and refugees are at high risk,” explained UNICEF and the UN Migration Agency (IOM), “but children and youth on the move are far more likely to experience exploitation and trafficking than adults aged 25 years and above.” The report is based on the testimonies of some 22,000 migrants and refugees, including 11,000 children and youth, interviewed by IOM. Aimamo, 16 and from Gambia, said that he was forced into months of gruelling manual labour […]

World Bank: Israel restrictions hamper Palestinian economic growth

The removal of Israel’s restrictions on the occupied West Bank and Gaza are “the most important factor” in boosting Palestinian growth, a report released yesterday by the World Bank has found. The international financial institution recommended a number of steps that could be implemented by the Israeli and Palestinian authorities in the medium term, even in the absence of a peace deal, which could facilitate an annual economic growth rate of seven per cent. “Increased investment and more jobs would lead to improved living standards. Without a real change in policies, the report predicts an annual growth of just two-three per cent on average, less than the pace of the population growth,” said Marina Wes, World Bank Country Director for […]