US angry as Turkey’s news site releases secret security details

The Pentagon has slammed Turkey’s Anadolu Agency for releasing a report pinpointing the positions of ten US military posts in northern Syria. Pentagon spokesman, Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway, said: “The release of sensitive military information exposes Coalition forces to unnecessary risk and has the potential to disrupt ongoing operations to defeat ISIS [Daesh].” While we cannot independently verify the sources that contributed to this story, we would be very concerned if officials from a NATO ally would purposefully endanger our forces by releasing sensitive information Rankine-Galloway said. Turkey’s Anadolu published a map of ten locations it said were US military posts. Anadolu reported that US forces use “places which are hard to be detected, like residential areas, PKK/PYD camps, easily transformed […]

UAE welcomes Qatari decision to amend anti-terrorism laws

The United Arab Emirates today welcomed Qatar’s decision to amend its anti-terrorism laws which were announced yesterday. In a move to counter their accusations of supporting terrorism, which it denies, Qatar has set rules for defining terrorism, acts of terrorism, freezing funding and terrorism financing a week after it signed an agreement with the US aimed at combating the financing of terrorism. It has also established national terrorism lists with rules for listing individuals and groups. “The Qatari decree to amend the anti-terrorism law is a positive step to deal seriously with the 59 terrorists,” UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said on Twitter. Read: Where is the flaw in the Gulf’s security? Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and […]

Israel shoots, kills Palestinian, sparking clashes

Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian in the southern occupied West Bank village of Tuqu yesterday afternoon, sparking clashes in which at least one Palestinian was injured. An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an that a Palestinian attempted to stab Israeli soldiers at an Israeli military checkpoint near Tuqu, adding that soldiers shot and killed the man. They added that no Israelis were injured in the case. A Ma’an reporter present at the scene said that Israeli soldiers fired four shots towards the Palestinian near Tuqu’s school, while eyewitnesses said that an Israeli military vehicle then run him over. Palestinian medical and security sources identified the slain Palestinian as 26-year-old Muhammad Hussein Ahmad Tnouh. Israeli forces prevented bystanders and Palestinian […]

Israel reconsiders implications of the Gulf crisis

It seems that even Israel is now reassessing its initial stakes in the Gulf crisis and re-examining the implications of the crisis for its various interests. Israeli circles no longer believe in the ability of the countries imposing the siege on Qatar to manage the crisis, to the extent that current assessments in Tel Aviv are almost unanimous in warning that it will have a negative outcome. When the crisis first broke Tel Aviv concluded that it would contribute to improving Israel’s regional standing, developing its ability to confront strategic threats and expanding and deepening co-operation with Arab countries, especially those leading the boycott against Qatar. The degree to which Israel reveled in the crisis between the Gulf States was […]

Israel closes Old City and arrests Jerusalemite officials

The Israeli occupation forces closed the Old City in occupied Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque today with metal doors and barriers, blocking all entrances and gates. The measure was taken after the Government decided to keep metal detectors at the entrances to the mosque leading for calls for mass protests. Local sources told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that the occupation forces brought in more metal barriers and spread them across the Old City and near Al-Aqsa Mosque’s gates in order to prevent demonstrations in support of Al-Aqsa. Read: Palestinians wounded in Israeli attack on worshippers near Al-Aqsa The sources also noted that the occupation forces deployed a larger number of police offices, soldiers, special forces and security officers in civilian clothing across occupied Jerusalem […]

Algeria charges blogger with leaking details of arms deal

A blogger has been arrested and held in custody for “insulting” Algerian authorities and making public “secret” documents. Abelhakim Mohandi, 30, was presented at court in Bir Mourad Raïs and charged for “making secret documents available to the public [and] illegal possession and spreading of information,” according to his lawyer, Amine Sidhoum. Managing several pages on Facebook including the “Revolution of young Algerians” page, Mohandi shared a document relating to a transaction between the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) and the Brazilian company Condor SA Quimica concerning the acquisition of 200,000 cartridges of tear gas in 2016. Mohandi has also been charged with insulting an official state body through messages and photos posted online on his social media pages. Mohandi’s trial is scheduled […]

Yemen’s Houthis pledge support for Palestine

Houthi fighters are ready to support Palestinian resistance, Al Masdar reported the leader of the group saying. In a speech to his supporters, Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin Al-Houthi said his fighters were ready to join any confrontation with Israel. Arabs and Muslims should not be silent in the face of the US-backed actions in the region, he added, and should stand up for Palestinian resistance. He called on his supporters to demonstrate in support of Al-Aqsa. Al-Houthi went on to commend Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah for being outspoken against the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. Read: 100 mosques in Sudan show solidarity with Al-Aqsa