Cancer patient dies after Israel refuses medical referral

A young Palestinian from Jenin’s southern town of Jaba in the West Bank died of cancer on Monday after Israeli authorities banned him from travelling for urgent treatment. Jaba’s public relations official Hamza Hamdan told Quds Press that 22-year-old Jawdat Ahmed Muflih died from liver cancer after his health deteriorated over the past few weeks. Read: Treatment referrals for Gaza patients down by 75% Hamdan added that Muflih’s family submitted several medical transfer requests to Palestinian authorities but Israel rebuffed the patient’s appeals for an urgent medical transfer citing security related reasons.   In recent months the number of medical referrals that Israel authorises has dropped dramatically leaving patients stuck at border crossings or in medical facilities with inadequate facilities, […]

66 Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists in July

Israeli occupation forces carried out 66 violations against Palestinian journalists during July, official sources have revealed. Yesterday Israeli soldiers forced journalists in Jenin to delete video footage from their camera after filming for a report at Barta’a checkpoint. Read: Israel harasses Palestinian journalists covering Al-Aqsa protests A report published yesterday by the official news agency Wafa said that Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists and media institutions have notably escalated over the past month. This indicates a total disregard for the press, freedom of expression and international humanitarian law. The report stressed that these violations are “dangerous,” calling on the international community to act and enforce international laws and conventions. Over the past month, 39 journalists were injured, 18 others arrested […]

Sudan imposes security clearance ahead of citizenship for Syrian refugees

Sudan won’t be “lenient” in granting citizenship to Syrian refugees, Interior Minister Hamid Manan said on Monday. The minister made his comments during an interview with the state-run Blue Nile Channel. Manan explained that Sudan has established a Syrian Refugee Support Committee (SRSC), which aims to study citizenship applications from refugees and take the final decisions on each one. The committee is also meant to monitor the whole process. Applications, he pointed out, get approved only after ensuring that the applicant “does not pose any security threat” to Sudan. The Sudanese government recently issued a presidential decree to grant citizenship to Syrian refugees after such security clearance. Manan was keen to stress that his country welcomes all Syrians in Sudan […]

Sri Lanka’s war widows trafficked as slaves to Gulf

When Nathkulasinham Nesemalhar took a flight from Colombo to Muscat in March she believed the boarding pass she clutched in her hand was her golden ticket to a better life after decades of war where she lost everything, including her husband. The 54-year-old widow from Sri Lanka’s former war zone had been promised work as a maid for an affluent family in the Gulf state of Oman. She would get a nice room, decent working hours and 30,000 rupees ($150) a month – enough to pay off her debts. But Nesemalhar’s dream soon turned into a nightmare. She found herself enslaved with other women in a dimly-lit room with no ventilation, miles from Muscat. She was taken out daily, sent […]

Police arrest 12 al-Nusra suspects in southeast Turkey

Twelve suspected members of the al-Nusra terrorist organization were arrested in police raids in southeastern Diyarbakir province Tuesday, according to a police source. The Diyarbakir Counter Terrorism Police unit launched the operation under an ongoing probe of the public prosecutor’s office, the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on talking to the media, said. Police also seized digital documents during the operation. Turkey designates al-Nusra as a terrorist organization and continues to fight against the Al Qaeda-linked group, both inside and outside the country.

Iran drone comes within 100 feet of jet

The US denounced a move by an Iranian drone that flew within 100 feet (30 meters) of a US Navy F-18 fighter jet that was preparing to land Tuesday on an aircraft carrier in the Arabian Gulf. “Despite repeated radio calls to stay clear of active fixed-wing flight operations in vicinity of USS Nimitz, the QOM-1 executed unsafe and unprofessional altitude changes in the close vicinity of an F/A-18E in a holding pattern preparing to land on the aircraft carrier,” Central Command said in a statement. The jet had to maneuver to avoid colliding with the drone, the command added, saying the Iranian aircraft’s actions were “not in keeping with international maritime customs and laws”. The US and Iran have had multiple close […]

US denies bombing Iraqi Shi’ite militia near Syrian border

The US-led coalition fighting Daesh on Tuesday denied responsibility for an attack near the Syrian border which killed dozens of members of an Iraqi Shi’ite militia and, that group said, several of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards. A spokesman for the Iran-backed Kataib Sayyid al-Shuhada militia said 36 of its fighters had been killed in the attack on Monday and 75 others were wounded and receiving treatment. “We hold the American army responsible for this act,” the militia said in a statement late on Monday, noting that they were targeted with smart rockets. Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday that initial investigation showed that Daesh launched the attack against the militia group. “It seems that Daesh carried out a […]