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Bureaucratic ball throwing: the legal and regulatory status of cryptocurrency trading in Hong Kong

By Boris Au Yeung, Marketing Executive, GatecoinThe activities of financial services institutions, such as banks, are monitored and regulated by governments to maintain a healthy and safe economic environment. So as an international financial center, i…

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香港 — 2017年11月16日 — Gatecoin团队非常感谢大家在过去几周的耐性,同时我们亦宣布港元和美元的银行转帐服务即将恢复。 正如我们在上一次更新中所描述的,在香港几家银行出现问题后,我们不得不暂时停止处理所有的港币和美元转账。 我们很高兴地宣布,我们已经获得了两个替代港元和美元的转帐方案,并将会于未来数周内在我们的平台上正式开通。 第一个替代方案是一所持牌的欧洲支付处理公司,将可以处理所有美元和港元转账(包括存款和提款)。并将会在4–6周内正式开通。 第二个替代方案是一所位于瑞…

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香港 — 2017年11月16日 — Gatecoin團隊非常感謝大家在過去幾週的耐性,同時我們亦宣佈港元和美元的銀行轉帳服務即將恢復。正如我們在上一次更新中所描述的,在香港幾家銀行出現問題後,我們不得不暫時停止處理所有的港幣和美元轉賬。我們很高興地宣佈,我們已經獲得了兩個替代港元和美元的轉帳方案,並將會於未來數週內在我們的平台上正式開通。第一個替代方案是一所持牌的歐洲支付處理公司,將可以處理所有美元和港元轉賬(包括存款和提款)。並將會在4–6週內正式開通。第二個替代方案是一所位於瑞士,並與一家瑞士…

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TRON (TRX) token airdrop & listing on 1 November 2017

HONG KONG — 25 October 2017 — On Wednesday, 1 November 2017, Gatecoin will be facilitating the airdrop of TRX, the ERC20 standard ethereum token used within TRON, a decentralized content sharing platform.

The airdrop will also coincide with the listing of TRX on our exchange with both BTC and ETH trading pairs.

All active Gatecoin clients with balances equal to or above USD 20 equivalent in cryptocurrency, tokens or fiat currency will be credited TRX 500 as part of this airdrop.

Clients will be able to access their TRX funds for trading or transfers once the token is listed on our exchange.

What is TRON?

Not to be confused with the 1982 Sci-Fi film starring Jeff “The Dude” Bridges, TRON is an ethereum based application enabling online content creators to be compensated for sharing their content. In the future, the TRON team will develop their own blockchain and file storage protocol.

What is TRONIX (TRX)?

TRONIX or TRX is the native token of the TRON ecosystem and is used to access content available on the TRON platform and to directly compensate and incentivize content creators. The total supply of TRX is 100,000,000,000.

Who is the team behind TRON?

  • Justin Sun, Founder: previously founded Peiwo, China’s largest audio content community and served as Greater China representative of Ripple.
  • Lucien Chen, Technical Director: veteran of major technology firms such as Netease, Youdao, Tencent, Qihoo360 and SM search.

Where can I find out more about the project?

For more questions about the TRON airdrop and listing please email

Many thanks,

The Gatecoin Team

Follow us on twitter!

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The AirSwap Token (AST) now listed on Gatecoin

HONG KONG — 18 October 2017 — The Gatecoin team is happy to announce the listing of the AirSwap Token (AST) on our exchange following the decentralized token trading platform’s successful token launch which concluded on 14 October 2017. AST is now tradable through our ASTBTC and ASTETH markets.

What is AirSwap?

While many dapp founders have worked to provide a decentralized token exchange, having on-chain order books (Etherdelta, OasisDEX) or on-chain order cancelation (0x), for instance, is both extremely slow and costly compared to using a centralized exchange.

AirSwap solves this problem by building a P2P protocol layer on top of the ethereum blockchain, using smart contracts to settle transactions on-chain.

How does AirSwap work?

Order posting, checking and cancelling are handled through the off-chain layer, using an indexer and oracles (see whitepaper for more details).

What is the AST token?

AST is intended to provide two utilities:

  1. Enabling traders to add their “intent to trade” to the exchange Index. This effectively signals to peers their intent to buy or sell specific ethereum tokens.
  2. Giving traders voting power to manage the roles of Oracles within the platform.

Find out more about the AST token here.

How much was raised during the AST token launch?

AST 150 million (from a supply of AST 500 million) was sold during the token launch for ETH 119,511.44, equivalent to USD 36 million at the time of sale.

Who are the AirSwap team?

Michael Oved / Founder

Michael is a veteran algo trader, spending a quarter of his life at leading firm Virtu, having helped to found and grow its Asia operation to a multimillion dollar business. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.

Michael Oved | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

Don Mosites / Founder

Don is a serial entrepreneur, product designer and full-stack engineer with more than a decade of experience building products for companies small and large including Google and Zynga. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.

Don Mosites | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

Deepa Sathaye / Engineer

Deepa specializes in financial trading systems and infrastructure development. Deepa has several years of experience building usable products and analyzing data. She holds a Master of Science in Financial Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Deepa Sathaye | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

Check out AirSwap’s other team members and list of advisors here.

Where can I find more about AirSwap?

Trade AST today at!

If you are a Gatecoin client and have questions regarding this announcement, please email

If you are a journalist or blogger and would like to know more about Gatecoin and our decision to support AirSwap please contact

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香港 — 2017年10月17日 — 由于我们在香港的银行账户突然被冻结,在我们上次更新暂停港元和美元汇款的通知后,Gatecoin团队一直在努力开设新的银行帐户以作代替。


  • 9月15日:恒生银行在没有任何通知的情况下冻结我们的银行账户,并将所有港元和美元转帐搁置。
  • 9月15日:Gatecoin改用了在Alpen Baruch持有的银行账户,并通过我们在Alpen Baruch持有的银行账户处理了所有港元和美元转账。
  • 9月15日至19日:通过我们在Alpen Baruch持有的银行账户转账的高成本和转账时间的速度导致许多投诉和延误。
  • 9月19日:Gatecoin在富邦银行开设了账户,并将原本在恒生银行持有的资金转至富邦银行。
  • 9月21日:恒生银行向富邦银行转账的资金超过了一天内可以处理的最高金额,富邦银行亦因此冻结了我们的账户。
  • 9月21日:尽管收费高昂和转账被延误,我们将港元和美元的转账处理转回了我们在Alpen Baruch持有的银行账户。
  • 9月26日:Alpen Baruch在沒有任何通知的情況下冻结我们的帐户。
  • 9月28日:Gatecoin暫停所有港元和美元汇款,直至另行通知。


之前所有客户存入Gatecoin恒生银行账户的资金均已转入Gatecoin 于富邦银行的账户(包括港元和美元),目前已被冻结。我们在Alpen Baruch的账户仅储存客户在9月18日至26日期间的存款。

经恒生银行,Alpen Baruch和富邦银行处理的转账状况?

所有以港币或美元转账的存款如已成功存入恒生银行,Alpen Baruch和富邦银行账户的,均已记录入客户的Gatecoin账户。而未能成功存入的款项均已退还给存款人。某些存款由于存款人向我们提供的信息不足,以致有些转帐并没有被处理。

截至目前,我们的恒生银行账户的提款转帐已结清。目前亦没有提款转帐通过Alpen Baruch或富邦银行处理。






截至目前为止,恒生银行和Alpen Baruch银行并没有为冻结我们账户提供任何原因。富邦银行亦没有通知我们每日最高转账限额,亦没有解释为什么超过最高限额会导致帐户被冻结。




Gatecoin一直致力遵守全球反洗钱,因此我们并不接受亲临现金存款或提款。 Gatecoin在香港暂时没有一个有效的银行账户,所以我们亦无法接受支票存款或提款。







Gatecoin 团队


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香港 — 2017年10月17日 — 由於我們在香港的銀行賬戶突然被凍結,在我們上次更新暫停港元和美元匯款的通知後,Gatecoin團隊一直在努力開設新的銀行帳戶以作代替。


  • 9月15日:恆生銀行在沒有任何通知的情況下凍結我們的銀行賬戶,並將所有港元和美元轉帳擱置。
  • 9月15日:Gatecoin改用了在Alpen Baruch持有的銀行賬戶,並通過我們在Alpen Baruch持有的銀行賬戶處理了所有港元和美元轉賬。
  • 9月15日至19日:通過我們在Alpen Baruch持有的銀行賬戶轉賬的高成本和轉賬時間的速度導致許多投訴和延誤。
  • 9月19日:Gatecoin在富邦銀行開設了賬戶,並將原本在恆生銀行持有的資金轉至富邦銀行。
  • 9月21日:恆生銀行向富邦銀行轉賬的資金超過了一天內可以處理的最高金額,富邦銀行亦因此凍結了我們的賬戶。
  • 9月21日:儘管收費高昂和轉賬被延誤,我們將港元和美元的轉賬處理轉回了我們在Alpen Baruch持有的銀行賬戶。
  • 9月26日:Alpen Baruch在沒有任何通知的情況下凍結我們的帳戶。
  • 9月28日:Gatecoin暫停所有港元和美元匯款,直至另行通知。


之前所有客戶存入Gatecoin恆生銀行賬戶的資金均已轉入Gatecoin 於富邦銀行的賬戶(包括港元和美元),目前已被凍結。 我們在Alpen Baruch的賬戶僅儲存客戶在9月18日至26日期間的存款。

經恆生銀行,Alpen Baruch和富邦銀行處理的轉賬狀況?

所有以港幣或美元轉賬的存款如已成功存入恆生銀行,Alpen Baruch和富邦銀行賬戶的,均已記錄入客戶的Gatecoin賬戶。 而未能成功存入的款項均已退還給存款人。某些存款由於存款人向我們提供的信息不足,以致有些轉帳並沒有被處理。

截至目前,我們的恆生銀行賬戶的提款轉帳已結清。目前亦沒有提款轉帳通過Alpen Baruch或富邦銀行處理。


Gatecoin團隊一直致力於在香港及亞洲其他地區的金融機構開立銀行戶口。 我們還在等待銀行批准和啟動這些賬戶。一旦我們準備好一個或多個銀行賬戶並通過測試,我們將馬上恢復港元和美元轉賬。




截至目前為止,恆生銀行和Alpen Baruch銀行並沒有為凍結我們賬戶提供任何原因。 富邦銀行亦沒有通知我們每日最高轉賬限額,亦沒有解釋為什麼超過最高限額會導致帳戶被凍結。








是的,但去中心化的加密貨幣交易如何可以進行美元或港幣銀行轉賬? 因此到目前為止,所有主要法定貨幣都不是加密貨幣時,加密貨幣的主要交易仍是通過依賴於銀行認受的法定貨幣購買。



Gatecoin 團隊


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Update on HKD and USD transfer issues

HONG KONG — 17 October 2017 — Following our last update about the suspension of HKD and USD transfers due to the abrupt freezes of our bank accounts in Hong Kong, the Gatecoin team has been working to establish alternative transfer options.

Here is a summary of events so far:

  • 15 September: Hang Seng Bank froze our bank account in Hong Kong without any notice immediately putting all HKD and USD transfers on hold.
  • 15 September: Gatecoin activated our bank accounts held with Alpen Baruch and migrated all HKD and USD transfers processing through these accounts.
  • 15–19 September: high costs and processing times for transfers through Alpen Baruch resulted in many complaints and delays.
  • 19 September: Gatecoin activated our Fubon Bank account in Hong Kong and proceeded to transfer funds originally held at our Hang Seng Bank account.
  • 21 September: The transfer of funds from Hang Seng Bank to Fubon exceeded the maximum amount we could process in a single day and Fubon Bank froze our account.
  • 21 September: Despite the high fees and transfer delays we switched our HKD and USD processing back to Alpen Baruch.
  • 26 September: Alpen Baruch froze our account without notice.
  • 28 September: Gatecoin halted all HKD and USD transfers until further notice.

Where are Gatecoin’s HKD and USD funds currently being stored?

All the funds deposited to our Hang Seng Bank account were transferred to our account at Fubon Bank (this includes both HKD and USD), which is currently frozen. Our accounts at Alpen Baruch only holds deposits sent by clients between 18–26 September.

What is the status of transferred that were processed through Hang Seng, Alpen Baruch and Fubon Banks?

All deposits in HKD or USD sent successfully to those bank accounts have been credited to clients’ Gatecoin accounts. Rejected transfers were returned to senders. Some transfers were not processed due to lack of information provided to us by the sender.

Withdrawals from our Hang Seng Bank account have been settled. No withdrawals were processed through Alpen Baruch or Fubon.

What has the Gatecoin team done so far to resolve these issues?

The Gatecoin team has been working to activate and open bank accounts at several financial institutions in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions in Asia. We are still waiting for the banks to approve and or activate these accounts. Once we have one or more working accounts ready and tested we will resume HKD and USD transfers.

What is the timeline for the resumption of HKD and USD transfers?

We cannot provide a timeframe for the resumption of HKD and USD transfers as it all depends on the decisions made by the individual banks that we are currently engaging with.

What were the reasons given for the bank account freezes?

As of this time, no reason has been given by Hang Seng or Alpen Baruch Banks for freezing our accounts. Fubon Bank did not inform us of the daily account transfer limit and did not explain why exceeding the limit would force them to freeze our accounts.

How does this affect EUR transfers?

EUR transfers are unaffected and Gatecoin maintains several EUR SEPA transfer accounts at financial institutions across Europe.

Will Gatecoin accept cash deposits or cheques in the meantime?

As we comply with global anti-money laundering best practices we maintain our commitment not to accept cash deposits or withdrawals at our offices. Without a working bank account in Hong Kong we cannot process or write cheques by mail or in person.

When will Gatecoin provide another update on the HKD and USD transfers?

We hope that we can provide an update with positive developments soon, but this really depends on how quickly our new bank accounts can be approved and activated.

This wouldn’t happen to a decentralized exchange!

Yes, but how can a decentralized exchange process a USD or HKD bank transfer? So far it cannot, at least while all major fiat currencies are not cryptocurrencies. So, in the meantime the main entry or exit point for crypto is through a purchase in fiat currency using a centralized exchange which relies on maintaining a working bank account.

We understand this update is frustrating for clients wishing to process deposits and withdrawals in HKD and or USD but, unfortunately, the ball is in the banks’ court for now.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation,

The Gatecoin Team

If you are a Gatecoin client, please email questions regarding this statement to

If you are a journalist or media organization kindly send questions to

Update on HKD and USD transfer issues was originally published in Gatecoin Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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