NDX / QQQ Resumes Downtrend But Approaches Multi-Year Support

NDX / QQQ Resumes Downtrend But Approaches Multi-Year Support

Primary Chart: Several NDX / QQQ Trendlines and Multi-Year Support Zone at $254-$267


  • The downtrend has resumed since the consolidation pause in the days leading up to the FOMC presser on September 21, 2022.
  • Shorter-term targets include June lows at $269-$270, and if June lows are violated, the next target range is $254-$267 on QQQ , which equates to $10,720 to $11,000 on NDX. This target range is supported by Fibonacci projections as well as a multi-year zone of support, which could lead to an interim (temporary) low.
  • Importantly, watch for any undercut of the June 2022 low, and watch for a failed breakout below that level of support—which could lead to another countertrend rally or a period of sideways chop.

The bear rally in July and August 2022 had even the bears scratching their heads with their tired paws—”tired” because this year has been anything but an easy ride for bears and bulls alike. In July and August 2022, AAII sentiment even showed some bears took off their furry suit and put on some horns, as the number of bears dropped as price continued to rip higher. But the more steadfast and patient bears were rewarded yet again after the August 16, 2022 peak. In the end, the entire summer’s rally was a mirage, a rally that drew in many thinking the worst was finished. This is common in bear markets, with bear rallies in the Nasdaq in 2002 ripping 30-60% higher over weeks, and sometimes months.

But now, the Nasdaq 100 NASDAQ:NDX NASDAQ:QQQ has resumed its downtrend decisively since the August 16, 2022, swing high. Every time a multi-day rally has appeared, sellers have pounced to flood the market with supply, sending the NDX / QQQ back on its downward path.

The next target from a purely technical perspective appears to be the multi-year zone of support near $254/$255 up to $267 on QQQ , which equates to approximately $10,720 to $11,000 on NDX. This is not far below where price traded today. The Nasdaq 100 closed at 11,501.66 / QQQ at $280.07.

This zone of support is also supported by Fibonacci analysis. Fibonacci projections show conservative targets for this leg of the decline around $255.68-$267.53 (Supplementary Chart A), which closely align with the multi-year zone of support (shown on the Primary Chart).

Supplementary Chart A: Fibonacci Analysis with Projections Based on Structure of the Current Decline from August 2022 Highs

Supplementary Chart B: Fibonacci Channel Showing Potential Target Assuming Bear Market Continues into Next Year

The Fibonacci Channel is plotted on a logarithmic chart going back 22 years to 2000 approximately, and the lows in the 2000-2002 bear market. Coincidentally, the $228 price level at the 2.00 line coincides with the longer-term trendline support at about $225-$230 early next year—shown on the Primary Chart as the upward trendline, the lowest trendline on the chart.


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Please note further that this technical-analysis viewpoint is short-term in nature. This is not a trade recommendation but a technical-analysis overview and commentary with levels to watch for the near term. This technical-analysis viewpoint could change at a moment’s notice should price move beyond a level of invalidation. Further, proper risk-management techniques are vital to trading success. And countertrend or mean-reversion trading, e.g., trading a rally in a bear market, is lower probability and is tricky and challenging even for the most experienced traders.

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