i have spent years almost everyday and non-stop on working to perfect my bitcoin & crypto charts privately.. i spent all of this time because I not only found it to be enjoyable and a challenge but i also found it quite intriguing. i have linked some of my other bitcoin related ideas as well. i will make more of my charts & ideas publicly available if i find that people are interested in them. Take Care

btw if you find these charts 5-10 years from now… then yes i agree with you and i understand how hard it is to believe … ?‍♂️ “but the spreadsheets don’t lie”

i spent a lot of time on these & you can send your thanks if you want haha
btc: bc1q3gu5cezwcnl7n5rfz222n3c7hrt6vsjvr25t5z
eth: 0x6970D9D2b74796978371A5cbBC6cf5D76b1c5C9B

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