Ennahda calls for dialogue with Tunisia president 

The chairman of Tunisia's Ennahda party, Rached Ghannouchi, on Saturday announced his keenness to cooperate with both the Tunisian president and prime minister despite differences between the parties, calling for a "joint dialogue".

"We are keen for the President Kais Saied and the Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi to remain in their offices and to continue to play their roles," Ghannouchi said in a rally in the capital city of Tunis.

Ghannouchi warned against the consequences of what he described as "Tunisia's current war of words," referring to recently-reported political rivalry between Saied and Mechichi.

The parliament speaker called for "dialogue and consensus between the presidency and the prime minister in order to put an end to the political stalemate between them, while facilitating national reform."

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