$102K BTC Price – September 2021

$102K BTC Price – September 2021

Bitcoin / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

Some very rudimental analysis coupled with some questionable maths, but these are my future Bitcoin price predictions!

1. I marked past and future BTC halvings in purple vertical lines.
2. Added date and price ranges for the last 2 bull runs.
3. Overlaid the chart with the Long Term Regression (Logarithmic) indicator and Stock to Flow (S2F Model) indicator.
4. Following the trend, I extended the logarithmic lines out to 2029.
4. I took the mean average of all the previous bull cycle bars (either side of the halving line) to determine average future bull cycle lengths. (Maths: 58 + 52 + 78 + 74 + 74 = 336 / 5 = 67.2 bars)
5. My guesstimate is we hit £102K on the 6th September 2021

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