Suez Canal Records $ 490 Mln Revenue in November

A ship at the Suez Canal

The navigation traffic in the Suez Canal during November 2020 witnessed the crossing of 1614 vessels from both directions, with a total net tonnage of 100 million and 200 thousand tons.

Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA)Lieutenant General Osama Rabie said Tuesday that the navigation movement in the canal is regular despite the repercussions of the Coronavirus crisis.

Rabie explained that the regularity of navigation traffic in the canal had a great impact on increasing the rate of the revenues, as the revenues during November 2020 reached about 488.1 million dollars compared to 476.7 million dollars during the same period last year, with an increase of 2.4%.

He pointed out that the flexible marketing and pricing policies adopted by the authority during recent times have succeeded in reducing the negative impact of the Coronavirus crisis. He added that the SCA gained customer confidence and attracted new shipping lines that did not cross the Suez Canal before.