XRP Fib Retracement

XRP Fib Retracement



Beautifully respecting the 78.6% retracement at present.
Do you think sub $0.2200 – $0.2000 call will come through?
Weekly 78.6% fib – price has rocketed to the zone again.
A good few correlations that alts may have caught up.
Maybe a little more wickfishing and things may get interesting.
Dollar Cost Average as usual…


BUY Target

0.392 – 0.382 fib retrace

0.36 zone – 0.5% fib retrace

0.323 zone BUY 0.618

0.285 TRENDLINE BUY if it bounces?

Sell target

0.51-0.55 zone – Resistenance level

0.8-0.9 zone – Sell target

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