Sisi Tours Central Bank Partition at Cairo ICT 2020

El-Sisi Tours at Central Bank's pavilion at Cairo ICT 2020

President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi visited, on Sunday, 22 November, the Central Bank’s partition at Cairo ICT 2020, which is held in its twenty-fourth session.

Cairo ICT 2020 has wide participation from the parties to the technology, communications and digital transformation system at the international and local levels.

During his tour of the exhibition, Sisi listened to a ‘holographic presentation’ from Mr. Tarek Amer, Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, about the bank’s efforts to enhance the state’s orientations and political leadership by transforming into a society that relies on cash, using electronic means in payment, as well as achieving financial inclusion.

During his tour along with the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Professor Rami Abul Naga, Amer confirmed that the availability of a fundamental structure for the bankers in the field of payment systems and services made it possible to effectively and immediately move to contain the repercussions of the Coronavirus.

He also pointed out that the main goal is to issue 20 million national payment cards “Meeza“, including 5 million government salary cards, 6.5 million pensioner concession cards, 5 million cards for the disabled, and 3.5 million cards as part of the ‘Solidarity and Dignity’ program.

Within the framework of Egypt’s efforts to transform into a pioneering country in the field of financial inclusion, the governor affirmed that they are working to prepare a unified national strategy for financial inclusion, as cooperation is underway with the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics in order to prepare a study on gaps in the offered financial services.

The partition includes a saving and lending section, an entrepreneurship section, and an electronic payment systems section, taking into account the spread of awareness and financial culture among visitors in all sections by identifying various types of financial services.

Financing service through which individuals or establishments can obtain appropriate financing through the licensing authorities. In addition to savings service by choosing the appropriate saving containers such as deposits, savings books, savings accounts, and savings certificates.