Gold, Currencies Prices on Tuesday 27/10/2020

The gold price in Egypt stabilized today,Tuesday. The prices for the precious metal touched EGP 950 for 24-karat and EGP 6,648 for the Gold pound.

Gold prices today:

14- karat; EGP 554

18-karat: EGP 712

21-karat: EGP 831

24-karat: EGP 950

Gold pound: EGP 6,648

Currency rates, Tuesday 27/10/2020

*Dollar price today
The price of the dollar stabilized today against the Egyptian pound, according to the latest updates of the National Bank of Egypt, at EGP 15.65 for purchase, and EGP 15.75 for sale.

*The euro price
The euro exchange rate stabilized according to the latest updates of the Egypt National Bank, and reached EGP 18.49 for purchase, EGP 18.61 for sale.

*The Saudi riyal price
According to the latest data of the Egypt National Bank, the exchange rate of the Saudi riyal has stabilized against the Egyptian pound, and it is fixed at EGP 4.17 for purchase and EGP 4.20 for sale.

*The Kuwaiti dinar price
The Kuwaiti dinar exchange rate stabilized against the pound, according to the latest National Bank of Egypt data, and it reached EGP 51.18 for purchase, EGP 51.58 for sale.

*United Arab Emirates Dirhams
The Emirates Dirhams price stabilized today, at EGP ​ 4.26 for purchase, and EGP 4.28 for sale.