Madar Developments Inks Partnership Deal with UK’s Benoy Int’l Co.

Madar Developments Inks Partnership Deal with UK's Benoy Int'l Co.

On Monday, Madar Development, Egyptian leading real estate firm and the developer of the “Azha Ain Sokhna” project, announced the signing of a partnership agreement with  global design specialists, Benoy, an international firm of architects, to design Downtown Azha Ain Sokhna.

It also announced the launch of its hospitality pillar in the project, the luxury “Tanoak” Hotel for Azha’s owners and guests.

Azha Ain Sokhna is a high-end waterfront resort designed to be a luxury destination with international standards, bringing together an active casual lifestyle, with 5 Stars comforts.

Sublimely located on the west side of Ain Sokhna, Azha is the resort community for those who prefer a distinctively refined yet casual lifestyle.

The project is located on an area of 1.6 million square meters with a waterfront, stretched over an estimated 700 meters on the clear waters of the Suez Gulf branching from the Red Sea, making Azha, al Sokhna’s last sandy beach of this breathtaking coastline.

Azha – Ain Sokhna amenities includes Swimmable Crystal Lagoons, Hotels, Clubhouse, Retail area, Community centers, Services apartments And Sports facilities parks.

On his part, CEO of Madaar Development, Gasser Bahgat said, “I am delighted to express my excitement with project achievements rates, according to the scheduled time frame. That being said, the company still has a lot to achieve during the coming period.”

He added that Azha Ain Sokhna’s total investments will exceed the EGP 15 Billion mark, confirming that their partnership with one of the most strategically international consultancy offices” Benoy “is a real addition to the project.

Madar Developments Inks Partnership Deal with UK's Benoy Int'l Co.
Madar Developments Inks Partnership Deal with UK’s Benoy Int’l Co.

“We are projecting an investment of EGP 2 billion in this partnership,” Bahgat noted.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Ehab –Chief project officer, said that the design of Downtown Azha Ain Sokhna will be luxurious, exciting, complementing the general features of the project.

“We are working to provide a unique destination that will enrich people’s lives, enhance the environment, and provide sustainable economic value, he added.

Habiba Al-Shaer,  business development and Marketing manager of  “Tanoak “Hotel , expressed her pleasure to Launch the hospitality amenity at Azha – Ain Sokhna,  with the project’s first hotel, Tanoak.

“We aim to provide all luxury and comfort means, and we will not stop at what we have achieved in Tanoak, but we still have bigger plans that will delight our future clients,” she stated.

Notably, Benoy is an international firm of architects, master planners, interior architects and graphic designers working from design studios in the United Kingdom, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

Madaar Development is a full-service, privately held commercial and residential real estate investment and development company with a distinguished ability to rapidly move projects from site selection, acquisition, financing, construction, property management and maintenance.