Turkey arrests terrorist wanted by France 

On Friday, the Turkish security forces in the southern governorate of Adana arrested a member of Daesh wanted by the French authorities.

Anadolu Agency reported that the directorate of State Security had received information about the arrival of Sumaya Al-Raisi, a member of Daesh who is listed by France as a wanted person.

Anadolu Agency added that the security forces had succeeded in arresting Al-Raisi, a 30-year-old Tunisian national, who arrived in the Sheyhan district of Adana five months ago using a fake identity card granted to Syrian refugees.

Al-Raisi, who is listed by the French authorities as a dangerous Daesh affiliate, was transferred to the security directorate.

A court in Adana sentenced Al-Raisi, a mother of one, to imprisonment pending investigation.

Rashid Al-Raisi, Sumaya Al-Raisi’s husband, was arrested in the Turkish state at Gaziantep in 2016, and after spending five months in prison, he was deported from the country.

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