Dubai-based company plans to buy Israeli airline

A Dubai-based company said on Monday that it plans to make an offer for Israir Airlines, the third-largest carrier in Israel. A statement from NY Koen Group confirmed that a subsidiary company will try to close the deal.

“Aero Private Jet,” explained NY Koen, “has a great deal of experience in the field of business aviation and sees the purchase of Israir as a chance to expand its services. Through the years of experience that the company’s subsidiary has accrued, and NY Koen Group’s reputation in the area, Israir stands to gain a great deal should the bid be successful.”

This is the first time that a UAE-based company has announced its intention to acquire a company in Israel since the signing of the normalisation agreement between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv last month.

NY Koen group is an international holding company, based in Dubai. It was founded by Ukrainian businessman Naum Koen in 2003, and has interests in various sectors, including jewellery, diamonds, private aviation, digital technologies, construction and security.

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