Jordan prince mocks photograph of signatories to Israel ‘peace deals’

Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein, the half-brother of Jordan’s King Abdullah II, has mocked a photograph showing the signatories to the normalisation agreement with Israel standing next to each other, without wearing masks in a blatant violation of precautionary measures against the coronavirus.

The White House deputy chief of staff for communications and director of social media, Dan Scavino published a photograph of the foreign ministers of the UAE and Bahrain, Abdullah Bin Zayed and Abdullatif Bin Rashid Al Zayan, standing next to Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and US President Donald Trump on a White House balcony during the signing ceremony.

The prince commented on the photograph saying: “Congrats, love the face masks and the social distancing. How incredibly responsible.”

Last month, Prince Ali sparked controversy after he shared an article by Avi Shlaim, a former Professor of International Relations at the University of Oxford, that criticised the agreement.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi recently said that the agreement’s impact on efforts to achieve peace will be linked to what Israel does.

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