Grand Mufti of Lebanon receives UK relief delegations

The Grand Mufti of Lebanon, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, received the delegation from Alwafa Relief for Beirut headed by Dr. Essam Yousef, in the presence of the Director General of the Zakat Fund, Sheikh Zuhair Kibba.

Thirty delegations from different countries participated in the meeting, during which they discussed the activities and relief effort that the campaign is carrying out in Lebanon to help the victims of the Beirut port explosion.

Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian expressed his gratitude for the campaign’s efforts and speed of response to address the repercussions of the disaster.

In turn, Yousef thanked the Mufti and Dar Al-Fatwa’s pioneering role in coordinating the work of Islamic Relief in Lebanon.

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He also expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all charitable bodies supporting the Palestinian people and participating in relief work in Beirut.

The delegations pledged to contribute to the restoration of Dar Al-Fatwa, the Zakat Fund headquarters, and the College of Sharia, which were severely damaged in the blast, in addition to the restoration of the mosques affected by the explosion.