Economy Minister: Lebanon has only 4 months of wheat stock

Outgoing Lebanese Minister of Economy, Raoul Nehme, said the country’s stock of wheat and flour will suffice the local market for the next four months.

“Lebanon has 32,000 tonnes of flour in addition to 110,000 tonnes that arrived or will arrive in the coming two weeks. This means we have enough for four months,” Nehme wrote on Twitter, adding that the country does not have “a stock crisis or a bread crisis!”

At least 171 people were killed in the explosion explosion in Beirut’s port last week, while thousands more were injured and approximately 300,000 residents made homeless. The blast has destroyed the country’s grain silos which contained 120,000 tonnes of wheat.

The United Nations said Lebanon has only six weeks’ supply of wheat.

The World Food Program has announced that it will send 17,000 tonnes of flour, which will be distributed to the affected areas.

The administration of Sidon port announced on Tuesday the arrival of the first two commercial ships carrying 11,500 tonnes of wheat.

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