Israel Defence Forces cross ‘technical fence’ on border with Lebanon

Three tanks of the Israel Defence Forces crossed the “technical fence” along the border with Lebanon on Tuesday morning, the National News Agency has reported. The incident happened near the town of Meis Al-Jabal.

One of the tanks withdrew immediately, while two remained in the area for a while before pulling back. As they were doing so, the occupation army apparently launched a phosphorus firebomb that set fire to bushes in the area. No details of any damage was provided by the official Lebanese agency.

The technical fence is equipped with electronic devices installed by the Zionist entity alongside the route traversed by its patrols across the “Blue Line”. The latter was drawn by the UN to determine the border between Lebanon, Israel and the occupied Syrian Golan Heights on 7 June 2000.

Tension along the Lebanese-Israeli border has intensified in recent months after violations by land, air and sea were recorded. Last month, the occupation army announced the deployment of reinforcements near the Lebanese border in anticipation of further attacks following the threats made by Hezbollah in response to the killing of one of its members during an Israeli raid near the Syrian capital, Damascus, on 20 July.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia controls the region of southern Lebanon which borders the Zionist entity. The UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1701 on 11 August 2006, calling for the cessation of all hostilities between Lebanon and Israel.

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