ThePlace: Al-Muftaha village in Saudi Arabia’s Abha region, dates back to 260 years

Sat, 2020-08-01 01:00

The village of Al-Muftaha in central Abha has become one of the most significant historical and tourist attractions in the city, especially after the rehabilitation of its beautiful heritage buildings, theater and tourism services.
The village is a beautiful little quarter around a mosque daubed with calligraphy. There are galleries that showcase the work of regional craftspeople and artists whose work is often colorful and figurative.
Al-Muftaha dates back 260 years, its houses built according to the Asir region’s traditional construction style.
Small museums either side of the mosque tell the story of Abha’s artistic heritage, including how the status of local families was defined by the quality of the murals in their homes.
This photograph was taken by Fatma Al-Shuaily as part of the Colors of Saudi competition.

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