Saudi Cabinet reviews latest local and global pandemic developments

Wed, 2020-07-15 01:10

RIYADH: The Saudi Cabinet on Tuesday reviewed the latest developments, locally and globally, in the Coronavirus pandemic.

During a virtual session chaired by King Salman, ministers were updated on the latest numbers of confirmed cases in the Kingdom, along with details of the care that is being provided for those who test positive. They were briefed on the latest efforts to identify and monitor the spread of the virus, and heard that the ability of the authorities in the Kingdom to do so is considerably more effective than the global average.

The cabinet was told about the steps that have been taken to slow the spread of the virus and to provide highest possible standard of medical care. These include conducting more than 2 million laboratory tests, and a 30 percent increase in the capacity of hospital intensive care units in the past three months.

Ministers also reviewed the preparations by government departments for this year’s scaled-down Hajj season, including plans and precautions designed to ensure the highest levels of safety and security for pilgrims.

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