Jordan issued over 190,000 work permits to Syria refugees

Jordan has issued more than 190,000 work permits to Syrian refugees in Jordan, RT Arabic reported the Minister of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs, Ayman Safadi, saying yesterday.

The needs of Syrian refugees became more urgent in light of the COVID-19 crisis, he said, pointing out the refugee crisis has been ongoing for a decade. He stressed that there had been “no cases” of the virus recorded among the refugee population in Jordan.

Speaking at the IV Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region, Safadi said Jordan had opened its schools to more than 133,000 Syrian students.

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“The best solution for the Syrian refugees,” he said, “is the voluntary return to their country.” Adding that only 41,000 Syrian refugees returned to Syria since 2018, he explained, noting that none had returned since the outbreak of coronavirus.

He called for a political solution for the Syrian crisis that maintains Syrian unity, regains stability, and security as well as creates acceptable circumstances for the return of the refugees.