Al-Mahdi: ‘We reject all forms of international guardianship in Sudan’

Leader of the Sudanese opposition National Umma Party, Sadiq Al-Mahdi, announced his rejection of any UN resolution which permits the use of military force in Sudan.

Al-Mahdi said: “There is news about the issuance of an international resolution on Sudan, under Chapter VII, after Britain and Germany submitted a resolution draft to the UN Security Council, while Russia and China support a resolution under Chapter VI (on the basis of providing political and technical consultations only).”

He continued: “The issuance of a resolution under Chapter VII is unacceptable, and we will propose a memorandum to the UN Security Council signed by all the forces that make up the transitional government, specifying the required role and rejecting the imposition of any international guardianship over Sudan, under Chapter VII.”

“We will contact the Security Council member states and ask them to respond to the Sudanese request.”

At the end of May, the UN Security Council will issue its decision regarding the new mission to Sudan and whether it will be established under Chapter VII or VI, to replace the UNAMID mission deployed in the Darfur region since 2008.

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