French police arrest Sudanese man linked to stabbing near Lyon

Sun, 2020-04-05 10:49

DUBAI: French police have arrested a Sudanese man in connection with a stabbing in the town of Romans-sur-Isere near Lyon, Al-Arabiya TV reported.

Two people were killed and five were wounded in the French town after a man carrying a knife attacked residents amid the coronavirus lockdown, UK national daily, The Guardian reported on Saturday.

Police arrested the knifeman after he targeted customers in a shop and a man walking in the street.

The arrested man was a 33-year-old refugee from Sudan, police told French media. He first attacked a person who had just left home for a walk.  He then went into a tobacco shop, stabbed the tobacconist and two customers. He also grabbed another knife and attacked a customer before entering a supermarket, according to media reports.

Emmanuel Macron said in a tweet: “My thoughts go out to the victims of the attack in Romans-sur-Isère, the injured and their families. We will fully investigate this odious act that has added more grief to our country that has already suffered so much over the last few weeks.”

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