What We Are Buying Today: Atelier Cologne

Sat, 2020-02-15 00:12

Perfumes can be a huge factor in creating a distinctive image of yourself and Atelier Cologne is the perfect place to find your next scent.
I recently went on a journey of discovery for my perfect scent and found a new branch of Atelier Cologne in the Mall of Arabia. The shop was small but classy, and decorated with different types of citrus fruits as many of the perfumes have citrus notes.
The sales staff were friendly, letting me smell however many perfumes I needed, and they offered coffee to refresh my senses between intervals. I found many unique fragrances to choose from. The scents had notes of black pepper, coffee, lavender, jasmine, bergamot and oud.
Whether you like spicy, floral or intense scents you can find something in the shop. In addition to the perfumes, their skincare products, if paired with the perfume, will have you smelling good all day long.
If looking for a gift for your loved ones this place offers engraved leather covers that add a personal touch to your present.
The only drawback is that the perfumes don’t linger, so you will have to refresh it every few hours.

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